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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Technique Thursday- The Big Hug in Blue, a Fast Knit

I've started a cardigan on a whim.  Big Hug- Cropped Cardigan  I liked the pattern, it caught my eye and I knew if I just made use of the yarn I had bought for an afghan I've tabled till later in the summer I could start it.  I'm using a cheap Lion's Hometown USA yarn I found at Walmart.  Really cheap about $2.99 a skein and I know it's synthetic Acrylic but sometimes inexpensive is Ok.  Well, especially if you don't have the luxury to spend money on yarn.  Hum, let me see yarn or food?  Well if it was just me....just kidding, perhaps.   But I'm also sensitive to scratchy wool and only in my dreams could I afford fancy wool all the time, because I know that wears far better.  But, for now this is soft, doesn't scratch and it's making me happy.  The happy factor is important, especially now. 

                   So another appeal for this pattern- The name- Big Hug", I think I'm ready for one!

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