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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Preparing for a Spring Shawl

  Due to a life that has taken some unexpected turns (a very ill husband with an undiagnosed ailment and a new job at home Eldercare) I'm going to be publishing my blog whenever I'm able.  So there might be spaces inbetween posts.  Or posts on an odd day like Sunday.  I just need to pair back.  Make this more fun and less a job for myself and get back to just knitting to settle me down and give me peace.  This is not farewell just a warning of pauses and impromptu posts from now on. If you don't want to miss sign up on the right column for Email updates. Love you all. This has been a five year effort and I'm just going to fit it better into a life that is radically different now and often out about and not home.  I am happy in my job and I do get to knit often with elderly clients. So all is good there. So long till next time. 😊

     I always have one of my shawls around my neck and when one of my regular client's wives admired it and asked if I'd make her one, I said sure.  I now do eldercare in homes.  She will need to be patient.  I seem to have a full plate lately with a job and a very ill husband.  But the opportunity to knit can't be missed and also the chance to make her smile precious.  Perhaps since we are both wives of challenged husbands I can only too well relate.

    So I took pictures down in our local yarn shop Ewe & Me of the Malabrigo that had the bright blue in it she wanted.  Here's some of the shots (unfortunately my phone didn't pick up the vibrancy of the yarn).

     The winner was the speckled sock yarn called Parade. It's sure to be a winner for Spring. Update: A friend online called the store and bought the yarn for me! When the customer pays me back I'm going to buy yarn for a shawl for my oldest daughter's upcoming summer wedding.  Something bright blue! 😁

     I'm making a Reyna Shawl and she wants the same mesh pattern that I did last Spring (just a bit smaller sections towards the end).

     Well I think I've broken a record for me.  Reading the same book for months.  But it's been a real good book to savor. Im drawing to the end of "The Golden Hour" and it's really good.  It's going on my shelf for a reread another day. Some books you know you'll love again.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year's New Starts


Please note the details on the KAL down below.

         White to me is the color of January, a New Year.  Fresh, new, untouched.  I crave getting my hands into something white and soft and untouched.  So I grabbed some undyed Bare Stroll Sport Yarn and started a shawl called Fichu Bleu.  A simple, yet unique design with interesting contrasts of simple stitches.  Interesting but I'm expecting rhythmic knitting, which I love.

 © Orlane Sucche
 © Orlane Sucche

Ravelry Resistance Knitters Group KAL

     Well, the New Year 2020 is upon us and I’m personally revved to make a difference! How about you? One stitch at a time.  This year we've been trying in the Ravelry Resistance Knitters group to create items to help migrants.  I've run several KALs this Fall for hats and then Cowls and Scarves and have drawn a lot of interest. We created over 270 hats, most hats went up to Northeast Asylum Cities but some of those hats made it even across the border to a center for migrants. 

      This January and February I'm running a KAL focused on Mittens, Gloves and Fingerless Mitts but I also want it open for any winter accessory that someone wants to make. Some people get excited about making hats or want to just make cowls; it's all good and will help make people warm
Come visit Ravelry Resistance Knitters group, join and look up the thread for the January KAL. Please use the space to share your creations and patterns and details and your thoughts, questions, and comments. Working together We can achieve more and encourage each other.  I will also be creating soon a thread for pictures of finished creations.

     When done with a few items or a pile you can ship it to the head of Suenos Sin Fronteras, a relief organization for Asylum Seekers, who is also a knitter.  Details in the group how to get the shipping address. She will in turn get your creations to either Asylum Cities up in the Northeast or at times to get items across the border to Migrants stuck on the other side.

     Thank you for all your efforts to warm hearts and bodies. Your efforts count! Have fun. I hope to run some contests but they are still being determined.

   For reading, I've downloaded a new book for the new year, "The Ten Thousand Doors of January".  I'm intrigued by it but I haven't cracked the cover yet (well metaphorically speaking since it's an e-book) but it looks good.  Review - "You'll Want To Open Every One Of 'The Ten Thousand Doors Of January' " (NPR)

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