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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Free Pattern Thursday

     Hello Thursday, I wanted to do something different this Thursday.  Away from my knitting since it's been fairly covered before today with my previous week's blogs-  Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts and Wednesday's Yarn Along and towards giving my readers something to use.  I love my "Fantasy Fridays Knits" where I find patterns in a particular theme like color or garment-  Friday Fantasy Knits- Dreaming of Shawlettes.

 So I thought as a Thursday theme simply hunting up some free patterns would be helpful and fun.   Just random patterns that might catch the eye.
 Most of the patterns I get from searching Ravelry and are easy to access.  Join Ravelry.

Here's a real treat and only FREE till June 15th!!!!! Really lovely.



  1. What pretty patterns! Thank you for passing them along. I love the Lines & Lattice.

    1. Your welcome! I loved doing it. It's so much fun to find a special deal for only a period of time- like gold mining and the Lines & Lattice looks wonderful.