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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday's Yarn Along

Today join me in sharing your current read and whatever you are knitting at this moment.  What gives you pause in the maddening rush of life?  What restores your balance?  Gives you peace?  For me knitting and reading is my ultimate escape.  Reading takes me away.  Puts pause to my life.  Stops my thoughts, and somehow helps to re-collect them and see life in a better, calmer way after I shelved whatever difficulty I might of been chewing on away while I read.  Yes, I shelve my thoughts and read my scattered books (instead of thinking on my scattered thoughts).  Knitting in it's magical rhythm soothes my soul.  Both together create a quiet harmony to my life.

Join us at Ginny's "Small Things" blog to share-
"~ Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading and I love sharing my projects and current reads here.  I would love for you to join me every Wednesday to share a single photo of what you are knitting (or crocheting) and reading too! "  Share with Ginny at Small Things.

     My TGV Shawl (TGV -High Speed Knitting- by Susan Ashcroft) is on larger size 8 needles and is being made up on Kirara by Noro.  I absolutely love the texture and how the colors are playing out.  Such an unexpected jumble of color- its unpredictability lends charm to it.  Also it varies in thickness and has occasional slubs in it to add character.  Really fun to work with.

 I started knitting also a TGV shawl on smaller needles (size 7) using Merino Nylon Superwash which is a fingering yarn of Merino and Nylon and a vivid purple with blue, green and magenta interwoven into it. 

     The camera adds a blue tint to all my pictures and since I like blue it's a pretty result for me, so that's OK.  Both the yarns I'm using were gifts from a friend back East.  She gave my daughter and I a huge box after cleaning out her stash of yarn and I have been really enjoying using fancier yarn than I've ever got my hands on before!  Friday Fantasy Knits- Dreaming of Shawlettes

Yesterday I introduced a new post in my Today's Positive Thoughts Blog which I think is worth mentioning here.  I found I want my blog to mean more than a tangle of yarn and I have produced a list of reputable charities as an overall suggestion of giving.  Giving is good for the soul.  Also I include helpful suggestions of giving locally, especially for knitters.  This article also serves as a reminder to me to actually do it.

     My read for the moment was a book I borrowed from the shelves of the cabin in The Adirondacks,  Wild Stories: The Best of Men's Journal- 2003.   I had given it to either my dad or brother years ago and it found it's way there.

I'm really enjoying the compilation of adventure stories from "Men's Journal" which takes you all over the globe in sometimes riveting circumstances, or into the beauty of the wilderness.  More on my book and summer recommendations- Musing Mondays.

More reading of my knitting adventures and an awesome chocolate cake recipe can be found in yesterday's blog-  Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts.

 Happy Knitting 
Reading this week.
Find your Calm.

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