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Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Finds Book-wise

     I mosied over to Goodreads looking for a way to place their widget on my blog and of course hours later I have it "cleaned" out and updated so it's more usable for me and I found the widgets!  Meanwhile I was reminded that I added some "Want to Read" books of favorite authors awhile back.  Authors that I had read almost everything of theirs and I was waiting for new books to come out.  Here's a list of some of my favorite authors and what is newly out.  Some are just somewhat new for me or I just haven't gotten around to reading them.  The best saved for last.

Stars in Your Eyes (de Piaget #14)

   This series has over 30 interlocking books- the De Piaget Family series and The McLeod Family series, which are interconnected families.  A family tree (or two) are provided in her books to sort relationships.  I think you could read any as a stand-alone, but it's much more fun to start at the beginning and go through all of them.  "A Dance Through Time" is the first and while amusing, it isn't her best.  From that point on I think she finds her voice and they just get better and better.  It is just so worth it.  Romance, time travel, really very clean romance- usually a kiss is all you'll get.  But lovely and witty.  Truly a world you enter, Lynn Kurland's, that you don't want to leave.  A great opportunity to visit a used book store to find the oldest books.

"All For You" (de Piaget #12)

     Another book in the series that I missed and I'll have to find.  I remember reading the book before about Peaches sister and thinking the next book will be so good.  I've got a sample sent to my tablet to tease me.

Nine Kingdom Series by Lynn Kurland

And I have been very remiss in continuing the "Nine Kingdom" series also by Lynn Kurland. I read the first 5 of them and this is the next ones that are now out-

"Gift of Magic" (Nine Kingdoms #6)

"Dreamspinner" (Nine Kingdoms #7)

River of Dreams (Nine Kingdoms #8)

Dreamer's Daughter (Nine Kingdoms #9)

And coming out in October- 

The White Spell (Nine Kingdoms #10)

Books by Sara Donati

 "The Endless Forest" (Wilderness #6)
 Another favorite author of mine came out with the sixth book to a series I read years ago, Sara Donati.  She wrote a wonderful series that was recommended by Diana Gabaldon (even had one of her characters cross over to her book).  The first book took place in The Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York in the 1800's and it's wonderful- ".

A quote found in a review of "The Gilded Era" in the blog The Gilded Era says:
"Sara is the author of a six-volume series of historical novels (generally referred to as the Wilderness novels) which trace the fortunes of a small group of families from 1792-1823. The stories are set in upstate New York, New York city, the French Antilles, New Orleans, and French Canada." 

The Gilded Hour


Comments on her new book The Gilded Era are:
"The new series jumps ahead seventy years past the devastation of the Civil War  to take the story up again with the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of the Bonners, Savards and Freemans. Both young women are physicians who work with the poor in New York city."

Happy Reading this weekend!

 May you find some truly wonderful books to disappear into.

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