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Monday, January 18, 2016

Detangling Seed Stitch vs. Moss Stitch- Exploring Different Knitting Patterns

                                                               Seed Stitch- December Seed Stitch Infinity Circle Scarf

      I find myself de-tangling the different knitting patterns for what I had thought was called the Seed Stitch.  Now with further research I find there are several differing patterns from Seed Stitch to Moss Stitch and then to complicate things there is an American Moss Stitch, a British (which seems to me to be our Seed Stitch) and an Irish.  So as I'm trying to decide on my cowl-to-be's stitch, I find I'm getting a headache trying to get the names straight!  But I will plod on.......

                    The difference between British Moss Stitch and American Moss Stitch Moss Stitch    

     So basically the top one is what we know as a Seed Stitch in America- K1, P1 first row and then the reverse the second row creating lots of bumps or seeds.  It is also referred to as British Moss Stitch.
     The second picture is the Moss stitch- American Moss, Irish Moss or Double Row Seed.

Seed Stitch

                                                                             Here's the Seed Stitch done in a 2 + 1 pattern on a flat knit so when it's knit on the second row you knit the same pattern- Seed Stitch.

To knit the Seed Stitch on circular needles you have to change it a bit, here's instructions: Seed Stitch on circular needles 

Moss Stitch

Here's another explanation of the Moss stitch or as they call it a Double Row Seed Stitch or Double Moss Stitch  or American Moss Stitch, or Irish Moss Stitch:

I like this setup for American Moss stitch better:
American Moss Stitch
(Over an uneven number of stitches)
• Rows 1 and 4: K1, *p1, k1; rep from * across.
• Rows 2 and 3: P1, *k1, p1; rep from * across.
• Repeat Rows 1–4 for pattern.

Different Seed Stitches (this is a Moss Stitch)

And the Irish Moss Stitch I am still trying to figure how it's different from the American.  I suspect that from a European point of view there is the English Moss Stitch which is a single row of "bumps" vs. the Irish Moss Stitch which is the double row.  So essentially the Irish Moss Stitch is no different than the American Moss Stitch.

Irish Moss Stitch- St. Patrick's Day Knitting

To confuse the issue many patterns online refer to their pattern as being done in the "Seed" Stitch or "Moss" stitch interchangeably- not referring to any nationality and making the issue murky.  Of course who is to say what is the official name for which stitch?  For instance this lovely cowl is described as a "Cosy Moss Stitch Cowl", but technically it is seed stitch in a super bulky yarn.  Even if the definitions & technique is searched out on google the result will be an identical definition for both types of stitches.  For clarity sake I like to know the differences, especially when reading patterns.  Regardless of the term used in a pattern look closely at the picture to visually detect if there are 1 row of stitches, repeated; or two.  Then do that!

Cosy Moss Stitch Cowl CMS Cowl Pattern (really done in seed stitch)

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