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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

My Saldo and "The Secret Life of Vivian Grant"


     I was happy to discover a new shawl pattern this past Memorial weekend.  I'm always looking for a design that has a peaceful knit that I find rhythmic and soothing.  This shawl had the extra bonus of having a lace insert for some more interesting knitting.  Saldo by Jacqui Pirotta leaped out at me from my Ravelry search and I was doubly glad to see it was a June 1st pattern (and this was the 31st of May!).  Later I figured it out, she's Australian and she hit June before I.  But I love getting something new and hot off the presses.

At first there were lots of rip outs just starting but the designer was very helpful and ended up adjusting the pattern so now it's very clear and smooth sailing.

Jacqui Pirotta

     My Saldo is being knit up in Malabrigo Arroyo in a teal.  Arroyo is advertised as Sport in some places, DK in others.  I think it's more DK. Lately I also like knitting in DK because the needles are a bit more comfortable and the knitting itself goes up faster.  I'm knitting it up on a #7 needle, one up from the recommended #6; but I think #8 for this yarn also would be good. Actually by the end of today I decided I'm ripping out and starting over with #8 needles.  I knit tight and I find the resulting fabric of my knit too tight and uncomfortable in my hand on #7.  I prefer a looser knit, it'll feel softer. 

     I've been reading some amazing books lately.  I finished "The Guest Book" by Sarah Blake and I'm in love.  I just want to read it again.  The Goodreads review is here: "The Guest Book".  The book takes place on an Island off of Vinalhaven, a Maine Island out my window. Another review: "The Guest Book"     

     My current read is "The Secret Life of Violet Grant" by Beatriz Williams, an author I've previously read and love.  She doesn't disappoint.  The novel jumps from 1964 to 1914 often, between Vivian and her great aunt Violet.  We're sucked in immediately after a mysterious luggage is sent to Vivian Schuyler in New York City in 1964.  A daughter of the wealthy Schuylers she has decided to live in a more shabby place and work to pay her way.  She aspires to be a writer for a magazine.  She's very funny, vivacious and definitely a modern woman who's story itself is very fun.  The trunk was her great aunt's who no one knew about (or didn't talk about) named Violet Schuyler.  She left for Europe in 1911 and went to Oxford to study as a scientist.  She marries her professor, and they go to Germany and all anyone knows is the professor, a somewhat famous scientist is murdered.  The wife is the suspect and she escapes with her lover and no one heard from her again.  So I'm unraveling the mystery but I'm enjoying reading about Vivian the most.

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