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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Catching Up


     It's been awhile.  Spring has seemed to arrive and the past wintery month passed quickly.  My midweek day off is Wednesday and I've crowded it with projects I wanted to get done and skipped blogging.  This is a quick catch up.

     Last month I finally tied in my lose threads on a sweater I finished knitting back in January.  Then I put the final touches, the lovely silvery buttons I got with waves on it to symbolize that this is my first Maine sweater.

     The pattern is Felix Cardigan.  I did it in an extra long version but the short cropped version is adorable.  Perhaps one day I'll do it.  I knitted it up in a deep cranberry colored Baby Alpaca called Herriot Great by Juniper Moon Farm in Cherry Red.  Soft, so soft, but it is prone to stretch and I should of compensated for that.  It's very big, but comfy.  


     I'm very busy trying to finish up some tempestry projects that I'll explain later.  Basically knitted wall hangings of 2 time periods for a National Park in Maine.  I'm hoping to have them done by May or June for summer. We'll see.


     Lately I'm deep into Linda Greenlaw's mystery series with Jane Bunker that are set in Maine.  This is the author that was a Swordboat Captain in a boat in the book and movie "The Perfect Storm".  I've read another autobiographical book of hers "The Hungry Ocean" and it was great!  Now I started with book 3 in the series "Shiver Hitch" because I found it at a second hand shop last year and it takes place in February on one of the islands out across the way, so I saved it for this winter.  She's renamed things so I'm not sure which Island it is (Mt. Desert Island is Acadia Island for example).  The author lives on Isle au Haut across from Mt. Desert.  After I finished the 3rd book I wanted to read the whole series, so I ordered the first book "Slipknot" from Amazon and while reading that I got the rest of the series and practically every book she's published from BetterWorld Books.  A St. Patty's Day sale and low prices got me inspired.  For some reason my bank thought they owed me money from years before.  Not one to argue about my mini windfall I spent it on Linda Greenlaw books; 2 mysteries, 2 autobiographical books on being a swordfishing captain again and then Lobstering, a book on unexpectedly becoming a mom to a teen, a very fun sounding book of short fishing stories told at a local bar and 2 cookbooks of Maine bounty (one of summer fare that I'm especially looking forward to being a Pescatarian, I eat Veggies and Fish).  I should get my books any moment now (they arrived as I'm editing this).  I couldn't wait after book 1, so I downloaded book 2 "Fisherman's Bend" and that has been a very good read.  It's calling to me now and I've got to go.  If I'm too busy to blog it doesn't mean I've disappeared, it just means I'm getting stuff done (like finally baking my Sourdough bread again).  I'll be back.

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