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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Simply Saturday- My TGV Shawl is Finished!

A day knitting on my porch, listening to "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon- Audible and I finished my TGV Shawl!  I'm so pleased with it.  More details on the TGV Shawl- Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts- TGV Shawls and Other Pursuits  and  Friday Fantasy Knits- Dreaming of Shawlettes.

     I began binding off late late night, long after I should've gone to bed, but I had been weighing my yarn up till the end trying to estimate when I should bind off and then the scale wouldn't register the little bit I had left!  I kept thinking I had 15 grams and each row is 4.5 grams, I ought to have enough for three rows.  But, this ball looks so small.  Do I trust myself or not?

     Opting to go ahead, figuring worse case scenario is I'd have to rip out.  But I didn't want to waste a bit of yarn and I liked the way the colors were playing out at the end- brown, then black, then lavendar and I didn't want to give up trying.   But I imagined I would get to the very end and be short  several inches.  I made myself finally go to bed last night.

This afternoon I worked in suspense, holding my breath.

I finished with a 15 inches to spare.  Oh and it's gorgeous!  I'll block it tomorrow.

At the beginning of the shawl-

 in The Adirondack Mountains-

Do finished knit projects tell the tales of  where they've been to us, like hidden stories in yarn?

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Fantasy Knits and Crescent Shawls

Dreaming of knitting a crescent shawl....

The Summer's end is in site and we actually have a cold day here in Colorado as the hottest month is at it's end.  In need of a shawl for the end of August or perhaps a light Fall one?  Check these out and see if any inspiration pops up!  I've included three shawl KALS coming up in August at the bottom.

3 Color Cashmere Shawl

Ginkgo Crescent- Free Pattern

Spindrift Shawl



Please note the yarn suggested takes awhile to be delivered, but it is gorgeous and I thought worth sharing even if you can't start the KAL on time (unless you've got some amazing stash!).  I'll be keeping an eye on it to see the final results which ought to be awesome.


And a Crescent Shawl KAL coming up August 20th!
"Designed for the 10th anniversary of the Hill Country Yarn Crawl but open to everyone on Ravelry, this Mystery is all about the interplay of two colors combined with interesting textures.
The Mystery Knit-Along will be presented in four weekly clues, which will be arriving automatically in your Ravelry library as pattern updates - the first clue will be released on August 20th and the final clue on Sept. 10th. The cost is only $1 until Sept. 3rd; after that the pattern will be available at the regular price of $6.50.
The pattern includes two shapes to choose from: my classic crescent shawl, worked the top down and shaped with easy garter stitch short rows; and a rectangular stole, which is worked sideways to avoid tricky center joins."

"We are having a Beachcomber KAL!! Come join in on the fun and prizes during the month of August in the Chelsea Berkompas Ravelry Group!"

Dreamin' On