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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday Finds me in the Woods Today so Here's a Re-post

I'm still in The Adirondacks vacationing, tomorrow is my Mom's Memorial.  To keep my chin up I'm starting a KAL (hopefully if I can find internet somewhere) for making hats.  It intrigued me because you choose your adventure and one of the options is colorwork or fair-isle which I've never done before.  Details on this KAL and others in the panel to the right.  The hat one is found on the website, click on image to connect.

Here's a previous post I liked and thought I'd share today-

Fridays Fantasy Knits- I Dream in White Today

Do you love white?  White on Whites, cream and beige, segueing into taupe?  I love seeing the different textures in knitting.  Painting white is interesting because it's rarely just white- colors like blues and greys and the shadow of blacks come in.  Once I was in a pastel class where we were to copy a Master painting and I picked two Degas nudes.  Here's the two I worked on plus a Renoir- up close the whites and nude color (especially with the Degas) are really a layering of many colors.

Edgar Degas After the Bath

Degas-Woman at Her Toilette 1900-1910

Pierre-Auguste Renoir- Nude in a Landscape 1883

 The truly fascinating aspect of it was nothing I actually copied was flesh toned.  Up close it was a compilation of many colors that looked like flesh tone from the distance.  Whites are interesting because of all the different shades of light they capture.  Next time you look at a white object like a mug or teapot- really look, can you see the blues of the shade?  Is yellow captured in a reflection?  Really look.

Today I want to capture some white knits to dream about, to make now for the Spring and Summer months or perhaps later for a cosy White Woolen for the Fall and Winter.

                                                                  Halldóra long shawl

Wool & The Gang's Sonic Sweater

Have a Happy White journey in knitting!

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