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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts

     I've got several things up on needles and I'm torn on what to work on.  I want to disappear into my Sherbet Shawl, but I also want to keep up with the Get Ready To Choose Your Own Adventure hat KAL, but that is finishing up with one of the last stages today.

Here's several hours later:

I'm working on my Fair Isle band with clenched teeth a bit, but it's getting there.  I think I get better as I go.  My Adventure Hat.

     My friend Maureen from back East, who's more an experienced knitter than I, has finished her Fair Isle band on her hat.  Isn't it lovely? Maureen's Hat- Mojorao's Adventure KAL

     I'm working mainly on my Summer 2016 KAL  with Chroma Fingering Yarn  in Pegasus and Groovy.  I'll be working them in as one colorway.  I'm just waiting till I work up to lime green, the shared color, to switch to the other ball of yarn.  Hoping this will work and will look OK.  I want to keep the graduated change of colors and not try to blend it in a way that would lose that look.  Don't the yarns look like sherbet?

     I feel like I've, so far, worked through a Blueberry Ice, then something I would call Berry Blast Sorbet, then (a favorite of mine) Raspberry Sherbet.  My daughter took one look at my first post on this shawl (Friday Fantasy Knits- Summer 2016 KAL Shawl in Sherbet Colors) and asked for Dad to pick up Sherbet that night when coming home from work.  He brought home a blend of three- orange, lime, and oh yes, rasberry!  My yarn's less calories though.

Finally got my TGV shawl back on knitting needles, it's looking really good! Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts- TGV Shawls and Other Pursuits.

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     I reposted an older blog from my Today's Positive Thoughts blogThe Hummingbirds Are Back! because I'm out on the porch, high up three stories with the tops of the trees and the hummingbirds just flit about up here.  While one rested on a pine branch nearby I remembered this post.  So enjoy, filled with fun facts about this little bird and photos.

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