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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Simply Saturday- My TGV Shawl is Finished!

A day knitting on my porch, listening to "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon- Audible and I finished my TGV Shawl!  I'm so pleased with it.  More details on the TGV Shawl- Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts- TGV Shawls and Other Pursuits  and  Friday Fantasy Knits- Dreaming of Shawlettes.

     I began binding off late late night, long after I should've gone to bed, but I had been weighing my yarn up till the end trying to estimate when I should bind off and then the scale wouldn't register the little bit I had left!  I kept thinking I had 15 grams and each row is 4.5 grams, I ought to have enough for three rows.  But, this ball looks so small.  Do I trust myself or not?

     Opting to go ahead, figuring worse case scenario is I'd have to rip out.  But I didn't want to waste a bit of yarn and I liked the way the colors were playing out at the end- brown, then black, then lavendar and I didn't want to give up trying.   But I imagined I would get to the very end and be short  several inches.  I made myself finally go to bed last night.

This afternoon I worked in suspense, holding my breath.

I finished with a 15 inches to spare.  Oh and it's gorgeous!  I'll block it tomorrow.

At the beginning of the shawl-

 in The Adirondack Mountains-

Do finished knit projects tell the tales of  where they've been to us, like hidden stories in yarn?

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