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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Technique Thursday- Swatching for The Hat KAL

     While in the Adirondacks I did connect with the Internet at the local library and accessed the first day of WEBS KAL on knitting a hat on July 5th, but I had forgotten all the yarn I carefully set aside at home in Colorado. Get Ready To Choose Your Own Adventure

      Thankfully the first week was working on your gauge, so I'm hoping to catch up quick, but I must admit I have always been lax on doing a thorough gauge (and ultimately getting caught in the end with an off size and ripping out).  So I'm going to try to be better this time.  But, I don't want to buy three sizes of knitting needles to test them all first as WEBS suggests in this KAL, so I'm crossing fingers and hoping the size 7 will be all good since that is also the recommended needle size on the Patons that I'm using.  The yarn is worsted and I have loads from making assorted mittens & fingerless gloves last year for Christmas (Christmas Knitted Up) and I wanted to use it up.  Also the wrapper suggests a 5 stitches per inch gauge.  So we shall see.

So I cast on 30 stitches onto one of my double pointed needles (since I chose to use them instead of a circular needle) and I'm using the technique described for the Hat KAL on WEBS-  Choose Your Own Adventure – Hat KAL: Week 1.  I've never done a gauge swatch this way before, but apparently knitting in the round which is a continuous loop of knit stitches vs. knit then purl on straight needles for stockinette gives a different gauge.  This method takes a bit to get the hang of and I needed to rip out at first because I didn't make the back loop of yarn loose enough to let the swatch lay flat.  I'm also not used to washing and blocking afterwards (yes I know I take shortcuts and rue the day later when it's not the right size).  So I'm learning so I can get the right size!


     I'll update on my progress today and later when I block it.  From a test swatch that I ripped out it seems to be 5 stitches per inch and on target, but as I said I've never done a swatch this thorough and washed and block it.  So we shall see.  This yarn is hand wash and should be good to go by tomorrow due to Colorado dryness!

Later- OK, so call be economical or call me not patient but I can't do this.  I measure what I've done so far and it's perfectly 5 stitches per inch and the Patons yarn wrapper says the gauge is 5 stitches per inch with #7 needles.  I just can't stand the thought of wasting so much yarn, once it's washed and dried I don't think I want to mix it with the untreated wool.  So there.  Hey I'm the one who has a kid in a College with only Ecology focus Majors.  I REALLY don't like to waste.  So, I also don't like to block, my last hat was a disaster because of it, but I'm sure some garments need it.  Oh well I'll take the hit if it doesn't work out and when I wash my hat I'll then stretch it to size if there's shrinkage.  So I live a bit dangerously.  

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