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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday- On Vacation- Re-post of Free Pattern Thursday

sday, June 16, 2016

I'm still off on vacation, so bear with me, as I give you some favorite posts from before.  I'll be back late next week.

Free Pattern Thursday


     This might become a regular thing- Free Pattern Thursday.  Last week I had over 100 views on that day alone and I had fun unearthing free stuff as a gift to my readers.  First Free Pattern Thursday, I looked just for random patterns that might catch my eye.  Today, I tried to find more vibrant colors, since I tend to lean towards blues, my favorite color; but today I purposely looked for vibrant colors that have almost a Southwest sort of color scheme.  Most of the patterns I get from searching Ravelry and are easy to access.  Join Ravelry.

                                                                               Sky Glows by Leonid Afremov

                                                                                 LIA Sun Shawl- Free Pattern

"Bring the sunshine wherever you go when wearing this bright shawl! "

                                                                          Dear Green Shawl- Free Pattern

                                                                         Flower Blues Shawl- Free Pattern


This pattern is free, but can also come connected to a kit which includes these amazing yarns. Kit- Miss Grace Shawl Kit 

                                                                         Playground Shawl- Free Pattern


                                                            Be Simple Variations- Free Pattern

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