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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Simply Saturday and My Yarn Arrives!

     My yarn for the Sherbet Heavenly Shawl arrived!  I woke up to my package awaiting me in the kitchen where my husband left it.  


     I wouldn't let myself open it till I finished a few rows of Fair Isle on my hat, and of course with my ability to continually get sidetracked with things like transplanting flowers from my shady porch side to the sunnier location in front of the neighbor's door and watering them and just the stuff of life;  I didn't open the package till later this afternoon.  Oh my, so beautiful!  But I did get my row's done. Technique Thursday and Learning Fair Isle

I am so pleased with my yarn!!!!! A birthday present from money from my Dad.  Chroma Fingering Yarn in "Groovy" (the light yellow, orange and pink) and Pegasus (the blue, yellow and green and purple).  It's soft and so very pretty.  I think it looks just like sherbet!   It'll be so fun to work on the Summer 2016 KAL.  It started July 15th and we just had the second clue on Friday.  Will I catch up?  I don't know. 

      The first step involves German Short Rows and I've never done that before.  The pattern was mystifying me when I quickly looked at it.  So I have several tutorials brought up.  I'm going to look them over first and then read the instructions, so hopefully it'll make sense to me then.  There's also help online on the group chat that I can go to if I'm stumped- Ravelry Fleckenstein & Friends Group.

My project site on Ravelry- Sherbet Heavenly Shawl

Happy Knitting this Weekend!

Stay Cool!

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