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Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Fantasy Knits- Summer 2016 KAL Shawl in Sherbet Colors

Summer 2016 KAL

by J. L. Fleckenstein

*****The Summer 2016 KAL started the 15th of July, you can download through Ravelry, link HERE for $6.  The link downloaded will be updated with the secret steps to the KAL in the next few weeks on Fridays!  Have some Summer Fun and Enjoy!  It sounds like it'll be super easy, easy enough for beginners and a nice mindless, summer knit shawl meant to remind you of the warm pleasant summer when cold months of Fall and Winter hit.*******

Lucky Violet Color Co. describes this KAL-
"Are you ready for some sittin’ by pool, relaxing in the bookstore, enjoying a summer concert at the park knitting? Our easy does it garter stitch crescent shaped shawl is just for you … not only because of the unique and utterly simple to execute design, but also because of the refreshing assortment of cooling summer time colorways Lucky Violet Color Co. designed just for this KAL.
This KAL will begin on Friday July 15, 2016."

Ausable Sunset, Lower Ausable Lake in the Adirondack Mountains. by Tyler McCall

     I've been literally dreaming of this KAL for a month.  The yarn is so sumptuous, delicious colors of sherbet and ice cream. Lucky Violet Color yarn

 Raspberry, lime, lemon, orange.  Mint chocolate chip and vanilla with sprinkles.

 Literally an adult's version of a kid's fantasy of summertime cool treats.

 It even comes in cashmere, sigh, my all time dream fabric/yarn.

      But, alas I can't afford it, so I promised myself I'd try for next Spring to knit it for next year's summer.  Yet literally the colors would pop into my head unbidden.  

When being rowed up a lake, sitting in the evening in a lean-to listening to loons on the lake, when it rained all day Saturday and I sat in front of a fire with my tea, book and knitting.  Have you ever had colors just assault you repeatedly?

  But life is life and almost $40 a skein was not happening right now.  So I figured I'd just watch from the sidelines as the KAL progresses and the new secret installments are revealed, after all I'm not spoiled, I can wait for something this good. 

All Adirondack photos by Maggie Anderson

     So dawn breaks this AM and the cats want to be fed, I try to sleep a bit more and eventually the tablet and me are in the bathroom.  I have found this very dangerous because I do get sidetracked (usually with today's news) and lately after being in the woods without internet I just want to read less news.  So knitting is a happy place.  So I just looked at the Summer KAL.  Bad news.  Oh, the colors and I oh-so-much want to do this!  Then I thought of the bit of birthday money I have left, most going for luggage costs and a cute young teenage daughter who wanted a pretty green billed cap in Vermont.  I had walked away saying no to the hat, but then realized her happiness would make a better gift to me than an actual gift.  The smile and thank you was worth it!  She's also cute in the hat!  So with the bit of money I have left I remembered Knit Picks had a fun sale till July 20th: spend $25 and they'll give you a mystery skein of some yarn that's about to come out.  So early this morning the hunt was on for a sherbet colored yarn.  I still want to buy the Lucky Yarn when I'm able (maybe next Spring), but in the meantime I can have fun! Yippy.


     Knit Picks has a really lovely looking sock yarn called- Chroma Fingering Yarn.  "Groovy" and "Pegasus" caught my eye.  There seems to be a common lime green between the two that I think will visually link it.  These two colors seemed a fun recreation of sorbet,  I opted for both because the bright  "Groovy" needed a balance to tone it down and the "Pegasus" was missing the bright cheery yellow orange tones.  Together they will be fun.  They look like they'll blend in well together and  be bright and cheerful and so different from my other knits.


     To justify knitting this I'm frogging the purple TGV (it was so boring compared to my one in Noro) and I'll save the yarn for a Hitchhiker Shawl later.  I'm also putting off a Reyna Shawl I got lovely Malabrigo purple and blue yarn for my birthday present.  Another day, perhaps this Fall.  So now that I've spent my last fun money I'm wondering can I tape my circular needle for my Noro TGV with duct tape so I can finish it?  (Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts- TGV Shawls and Other Pursuits)   Less than half a skein to go.  Super glue?  Or shall I wait for next week's payday, and I'll simply work on my Hat KAL. Technique Thursday- Swatching for The Hat KAL  Simple solution.

For help and friendly discussions about the Summer 2016 KAL check out the Ravelry Fleckenstein & Friends Group for fun inspiration and to see what other's are doing or if you need a hand.

My Ravelry site and project is   Sherbet Heavenly Shawl.

And for those like me who love food and anything created in a kitchen here's a link to a site that both defines the differences between sorbet and sherbet, but also gives you a recipe! What's the Difference Between Sorbet and Sherbet?

Happy Summer and have fun!


  1. Very very nice I can see it takes you somewhere lovely

  2. I found this skein at a stash sale that was the most satisfying rainbow sherbet color. I was so sad to find out it was angora, which I’m allergic to. I googled “Sherbet yarn” and found this gem!!!! Thank you!