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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday Vacation Post

Today is my Mom's Memorial so please keep me in your prayers and thoughts.  I'm singing "Into The West" and playing my dulcimer.  Give me guts God! I've sung for a small congregation before, but my Dad invited lots of friends, villagers and summer club people.  I think he's making sure this is a good send off for my Mom.  He's very social and I think he'll have fun- maybe his Irish is coming out!  At any rate I wanted it a personal tribute to my Mom and this song has been with me since I found out she had Alzheimer's four years ago.

Here's a former post on KALS coming up or going on-

Friday Fantasy Knits- KAL's Coming Up

This Friday I'm going to share with you some KAL's that I've recently come across run by others and only in my dreams could I do all of them, but I'll have fun sharing them.

     I've made available the links to KAL's that I have found going on this summer on the upper right hand side of my blog for this month and into July for as long as they last.  Some I might try, but they all look fun-

My yarn from my stash for the Hat KAL

Summer KALS Coming up-

In Get Ready To Choose Your Own Adventure (WEBS Blog) WEBS outlines what you need to get prepared for the Hat KAL.  And I have the RSS feed and links to the right, at top of my blog for July.

The Facebook group "Knit & Chat" is doing a Reyna Shawl KAL starting June 30th.  It's a closed group so just ask to join and search their link on the Facebook site on the right "Upcoming Group Events".

And if you are interested in doing a KAL this summer that involves scrumptious looking yarn the color of sorbet and ice cream?  The pattern Free till the KAL starts- July 15th, 2016. Summer 2016 KAL by J. L. Fleckenstein- Free Pattern till July 15th- the start of the KAL

Happy summer knitting!

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