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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Contemplating New Beginnings


      It's been almost a year since I stopped blogging.  It's been running through my mind to start again in the New Year.  But I want to do a quick update and share the Peace Project I'm starting today.

                                                      My mini view of the ocean in Maine.

     We've had an eventful year, everyone in my family is well and I'm thankful our family has been spared so far.  We live now in the state of Maine with the lowest Covid rate and in one of the counties (as of today) with the lowest rate of the state.  We had been planning to move to Maine since last year, to where my son lives, so we had no clue we'd be in a safer place than Colorado, but I'm very thankful. (A longer update on my family is down at the bottom for those who have followed me over the years.)


  And today I'm starting the Peace Project at The Healthy Knitter blog that I've done every year but it slipped my mind somehow.  More details on Project Peace - Project Peace 2020.

     I hope to blog about my shawl for the Peace Project 2020 which I'll be making with Malabrigo Mechita yarn in Whales Road that I had in stash.  The project takes 800 yds. so I'll visit The Cashmere Goat, Camden's local yarn shop to get another skein of some coordinating color.  What fun to have such a beautiful and well-stocked store just in town.  I park in the free parking space just by the wharf and walk down the street.  So picturesque.  This town is a treat to the eyes.

Open for Online Yarn & Knitting accessories 


 Next time I have a lovely Alpaca sweater to blog about that I'm almost finished with.

 So until next time have peace and

 join me in the Peace Project 2020.

More details on Project Peace 2020 - Project Peace 2020

 A Family Update from last year for those who have followed me over the years:

This past year has seen lots of changes for our family.  My oldest daughter Elisabeth secretly got married in her backyard to Will (her fiance) since the June wedding was canceled.  My youngest girl Maggie graduated high school, class of 2020, in the school's football field as my husband and I watched online 2,000 miles away in an Upstate New York parking lot as we were traveling to Maine. My son Jonathan and his significant other Emily watched the graduation from above on the mountain trail in Colorado (it was student-only graduation).  I didn't know Elisabeth was getting married in their backyard the next day as we drove within an hour of her home (she still hopes for a June wedding and didn't want that ruined).  Just as well, 5 days from South Bend (a hot spot no one wore masks in) I got sick with a sore throat and mild fever, and absolutely no energy and a camp chair my only furniture in our new apartment in Maine (the moving van 3 weeks late).  I quarantined and tested negative after 2 weeks but I don't know if I had Covid.  Then Jonathan and Emily followed a week later and moved back to Maine (they had left to come to Colorado to help my husband the year before).  They have rented a cute cottage in a town over an hour away but close to their jobs and gotten their dream jobs, she an Art Teacher on Mt. Desert, and my son working for a Solar installing company and has been promoted already.  And as the year finally ends I find out my youngest Maggie wants to move to Maine to be back with all of us.  We left her in Colorado at her choosing, and at 18 she worked hard in a grocery store bakery for 7 months, paying rent and her bills, getting up to work a 3 AM shift.  Adulting can be hard.  So she's giving away most of her stuff and for Christmas coming to live with her brother Jon and Emily.  They are all fast friends and it'll be so nice to have my whole family together on the same coast and within visiting distance.

     So here we are in Maine. I work Eldercare a few days a week and my husband works part-time and has gotten partially better and put on some weight. Still somewhat sick but at least we're not dealing with a horrible disease but a digestive system that won't accept many types of food. But better than last year.

                                                              Christmas Gifts in Progress