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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Gifts in Forest Green

     Christmas is around the corner and the color green, a deep dark forest green, has captured my attention.  A few weeks ago I got some soft flannel in forest green.  I was so happy I had gone up to Bangor to look at the fabric at Joanns instead of ordering online; the greens were so varied among 7 bolts and this one bolt was perfect.  That's going to be a comfy dress for home and a Christmas dress.  So my green moments started.  To match that dress I started some worsted socks.  Then gifts for family just seemed perfect in different hues of dark green.  Now I seem to have a forest of green projects; thankfully all fairly quick.

     I signed up a few weeks ago for Brome Field's 12 Days of Christmas; emailed links to free knitting patterns.  But several days in she offered her new book plus many other patterns at a reduced rate so I have a huge collection of her wonderful patterns. 

  I love the simplicity of her designs.  I'm doing thick fingerless mitts, 1 hat, and her worsted socks.  Also a hat from another designer.  And knitting my own design for a simple scarf in, yes green, alpaca yarn.

     I just finished a book that has made it so difficult to start another.  The kind where you just don't want that world to disappear.  The Wicked Widow was the 3rd in the Wicked series by Beatriz Williams.  I spent the summer reading almost all her books so I'm aware of the characters and plot lines unfolding that connect to all the books.  The Schuyler family is usually central in her books (this one a fictitious family and not the real New York Schuylers who are descended from the famous general in the Revolutionary War).  Her books always go between different eras; this series between the 1920's, Prohibition Era, and a red head named Gin Kelly and 1998 and a young lady living in a small apartment that Gin had lived in over a Speakeasy bar next door.  I'd highly recommend you read the Wicked series in order (but you don't have to).  The first book takes you from both girls in different eras living in the same tiny apartment.  But in the modern one Ella hears music float up from a bar below (unknown to her at first it's not been there since the 20's).  There are so many mysteries in this series that slowly get answered but still some remain; the Wicked Redhead is not done with us yet.  Williams promises we haven't heard the last of her.  That's good because I just realized she never explained what exactly did happen to the bar?

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  1. Your green projects are lovely. I do like the idea of a green flannel dress. It sounds very cozy.

    1. I got the Hinterland dress pattern at

  2. I love that green knitting! And I am with you on a Flannel Dress... I am off to check out your link!

    (We should try?? for a Zoom Spinning soonish? I could use the conversation and laughter with you ladies!)

  3. OUR KITTIES 1ove the 1itt1e heater that pretends to be a firep1ace , too. Fezzik wi11 spraw1 across the f1oor in front of the heat b1owers. I 1ove your green theme