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Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Simple Hat

The Simple Hat

Created to inspire knitting hats for Asylum Seekers in Northeast Asylum Cities.
See bottom for Hats for Migrants KAL
Design Inspired by 


     Worsted Wt. Yarn Wool or Acrylic, about 160 yds.
     (See Note below pattern for wool yarn suggestions).
     Size # 7 Circular Needles (Size 16") (Knit Picks has excellent affordable needles)
     Size #7 Double Pointed needles (wooden would be less slippery)
     (Optional) Size #6 Circular Needles for a tighter brim if wanted

Cast on: 
90 (100, 110, 120)
    S (M, L, XL) 
18/20" (22/23",  24",  24/25") on
 Circular needles #7 (Opt. #6 Circ. Needles for very tight brim)

(Please note any size can be made to fit more snug by knitting the brim in #6 needles, but for me, this was too tight.)

Place a marker at the beginning
When casting on I use the Long-tail method. And I add 1 stitch to each count above at the end, switch it to the beginning cast on stitch and knit those two stitches together (a little tricky, but worth it). This eliminates the little jog in the brim edge. More detailed instructions and diagrams found on TinCanKnits

     Knit brim on Circular Needles #7 (unless you want a tighter brim then do #6).
     Knit 1, Purl 1
     Till 2.25" then change to stockinette

     Knit in Circular Needles #7 in stockinette, all KNIT for 3" measuring from the end of the brim (5.25" from the starting edge).
     [If you want a slouch hat knit 2" or more inches depending on your slouchy preference]

The Top:
     Divide your knitting into 10 stitches, putting a marker after each 10th stitch.
Row 1: Knit 8, then Knit two together, Marker, proceed around once.
Row 2: Knit
REPEAT ROUNDS Row 1 and 2. (With stitches knit between stitch markers decreasing by one each other row.)
CHANGE to double pointed needles (size #7) when knitting gets too tight for circulars.
Do this till you have 18 (20, 22, 24) sts left on needles.
Row 3: Knit 2 tog. around till you have 9 (10, 11, 12) stitches left.
Cut yarn with a long tail, pull tight, weave through.

Wash & Blocking: This is optional. Sometimes I don't like how blocking I find it stretches out wool, but if your wool is scratchy I have a great technique to soften it. Wash hat in Woolite (really softens wool), then you can also soak it in a little hair conditioner (I use an organic conditioner with mint scent) in water for a bit, rinse, wrap in towel to squeeze out excess water (I stand on it!), then block. I block by using a bowl upside down, make sure the bowl is not bigger, close to size. VERY important! Have the brim hang down below your bowl as it dries. You don't want the brim to be stretched out. 
If Acrylic yarn I wouldn't wash it.

Wool Yarn Suggestions:  A really good source that's affordable is KnitPicks for a large variety of colors of wool yarns. Their Wool of The Andes is scratchy but see above Blocking/Wash instructions and that can help, The Wool of the Andes Superwash is softer. Both color selection is out of this world!  Swish Super Wash is really soft and pretty colors.

     To become part of our Hats for Migrants KAL Sept. 1st - Oct. 20 please come by and join Ravelry Resistance Knitters.  One of our members is the head of Suenos Sin Fronteras. We have a personal address that the hats can be sent to, even after the KAL come by and we'll get you the address. The hats are personally delivered to migrants at Northeast Asylum Cities.  There are also other suggested knits for Migrants on our site, like washcloths and stuffed animals. Knitted items also go to the border to Asylum Seekers.

This hat design started years ago when I followed a KAL put out by Webs.  This pattern by Webs was my inspiration to create the simplest pattern I could for a hat for Migrants.  I made adjustments for what I found to make an even better hat.  If you need tutorials or you want a different design or add a Fair Isle design please refer to the original pattern for inspiration and instruction.  It's really awesome!

Choose Your Own Adventure KAL (2016)Ravelry: Choose Your Own Adventure - Hat KAL

If you want to do a fancier design, Fair Isle, or a different style, or knit, or finish of your hat differently please check out the Webs pattern my friend Maureen and I did a few years ago.  Great designs.

© mojorao

photos above © mojorao


  1. Thank you for this! I will be casting on later today! (Also, I will link to this post a couple of times next week to help get the knitters knitting!)

    1. Thank you! Be sure to post on the Hats for MIgrants thread in Ravelry Resistance Knitters group. Then I can include you in a drawing on Friday. We've had an awesome response and thanks for spreading the word. More warm heads and hearts.

  2. Thank you for such a nice pattern. I like that it can be a canvas for all kinds of making.

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  4. I am a pretty basic knitter and have never used double pointed needles. Is there a video that can help me when I get to that part? (I can also stop in at my favorite yarn store where I learned to knit)