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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Washcloths and Anna Pigeon Mysteries

     An easy relaxing summer knit is cotton Washcloths.  They feel like taking a vacation from knitting.  The ultimate of mindless knitting and great for gifting when you are done.  I've been following a simplified version of this KnitPick pattern.  They use thinner cotton yarn and I use Peaches & Creme cotton yarn that can be found at Walmart.  A hearty worsted wt. I don't double the yarn and follow the pattern.

     If you want to donate washcloths for Asylum Seekers at the border my group on Ravelry "Resistance Knitters" has a direct address to the founder and head of Suenos Sin Fronteras who will hand-deliver items hand created.  Suenos Sin Fronteras is an organization that helps Asylum Seekers in many practical ways from medical to showers.  You can go to their site and order needed items through Amazon to donate.  Or you can make something yourself and we will help you get it to them.  Just go to the Group and look for the thread on Washcloths for Asylum Seekers, post interest and connect with Dee by PM and she'll get you the address.  Migrant moms requested washcloths for washing their children.

     I'm into the fifth book in the Anna Pigeon Mysteries series by Nevada Barr.  Not intentionally.  I finished the second book "A Superior Death", which was great and I couldn't find "I'll Wind" the 3rd book in a local used store and until payday we're penny-pinching so I skipped ahead to book 5 - "Endangered Species" because I already had that.  I had gotten a few months ago a stack of the Anna Pigeon books from a used book store.  Already I uncovered a spoiler but I really wanted to stay in Anna's world and "Endangered Species" does seem to be more of her interesting and exciting writing.  Mysteries wrapped up in a Naturalist's rich descriptions of different National Parks for each book.  Perfect summer reads.

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  1. A washcloth is a perfect idea for a charity knit. I'm going to go to that group and investigate. Thanks for sharing the name. I think you have written about this group before but I lost track of it.

  2. I am not a washcloth knitter, but you just convince me that I need to be! I am joining Jane in finding that group and heading to Joann's to get some cotton yarn!

    Thank you!

  3. washclothes are my go-to easy project esp in summer! :)

  4. oh my gosh. I need to make some now