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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Free Pattern Thursday - Super Bulky Hats!


     I'm again revisiting free hat patterns because my husband came home from Wal-Mart (where he drives the Seniors' bus once a week) with two skeins of Super Bulky Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn in grey.  Hint, hint, someone wants a grey hat.  So I have a fancy hat pattern picked out by him for Christmas - One Bourbon (not free) for worsted weight, but now I need a super bulky hat pattern too.  Here's some hat patterns I'm perusing, and to be fair I've thrown some hats in for the ladies too.  All free, all swift to knit and all from soft. squishy, Super Bulky yarn, that will be so warm.

For a fancier selection of yarn like below- Malabrigo Yarn Rasta.

Abril Rasta

Sunset Rasta

Verde Azul Rasta

Pagoda Rasta

 Plomo Rasta

The Big Hat - Boreal Rasta

For a nice affordable yarn bought in popular discount stores like Walmart and Joann's (go armed with coupons!)-  Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick And Quick Yarn, this "herd" of hats are done up in it:

FYI - I just spent the last hour trying to find the right knitting needles for the Bulky Knitted Hat that my husband wants.  I need size 13 needles in either short double pointed (wooden preferably so the yarn doesn't slip easily) and/or a 16" circular.  Either I'm looking in all the wrong places, but reasonably priced needles have eluded me till now.  Of all places Amazon has what I need. They probably are real simple, not fancy, but at this point I was pricing dowels for my husband to sand into needles, which is pricier!  So here's the ChiaoGoo Double Point 6-inch (13cm) Bamboo Dark Patina Knitting Needle; Size US 13 (9mm) and here's a circular needle - ChiaoGoo Circular 16-inch (41cm) Bamboo Dark Patina Knitting Needle; Size US 13 (9mm).  I can't tell you of the quality, and they're probably real basic, but as long as they work I'll be good to go.  I have found lately that metal double pointed needles for a hat are a real tricky thing to handle.  I saw in one of these patterns someone using short double pointed wooden ones and I thought- aha! that's it, the wood would grab the yarn.  So simple might be better.


for a smooth edge and clean join and no dip (thanks to Tin Can Knits) -


Happy Fall Knitting-
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  1. I always look forward to knitting hats for special occasions. The unique patterns make each project feel special and festive. #CelebrationCrafts