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Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Moments - A Step Backwards to go Forwards


     I frogged my top-down sweater Saturday, Simply Saturday - Back to The Drawing Board,  deciding I had created too big a neck hole.  This is the second time, the first time it was too small, actually probably a close fit, more traditional looking crew neck size.  But I want a little looser neck with a bit of a rounded scoop front.

      It's a Sweater KAL I've been working on that you learn to create your own pattern, Improv - Fringe Association.  From choosing the needles and gauge to the cast on counts, everything is in your hands.  So between my first cast on and my second there are only a handful of stitches.

 So hopefully by adjusting to a stitch count right in between the two I'll get it perfect.  Originally I had 30 stitches for the back and I increased to 34 for the second time.  So if I want an even number that leaves 32 for my third try.   I'm getting rid of the double row of stitches I had on the raglan, which uses 1 extra stitch at each raglan edge.  So that's 4 less stitches, a little more than an inch with a 3.75 stitches per inch gauge.  My shoulder seems seemed good, so they're staying at 11.  I'm thinking I still want a loose sweater.

     Another issue was, I dipped too low in front, so I'll be watching that.  You cast on every four rows a stitch on each front, if I kept going I'd get a V-neck.  What I want is a moderate scoop neck.  What I did get the second time around was a deep dip, so maybe half of what I did on this third, and hopefully last try.

     So one step back to go forward.  I'm more excited about what I have on needles now, and I always remind myself - it's a learning process and I if I'm happy with the final result I'll have a pattern for a comfortable everyday loose sweater to use over and over again.

Check out the Fringe's blog- Fringe Association - Top-Down Knitalong — Fall 2016 for great tutorials on how to design your own sweater without a pattern.

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