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Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Fantasy Knits- Autumn Shawl Dreams

     I'm Planning a trip in October to visit my son in Maine, a 2,000 mile trip from Colorado.  So I missed my fight this last month and it ended up the airline had overbooked, so they used those two seats and paid me $1,000 in flight credit!  I immediately sent a message to my son that I was visiting on parent weekend, I could never afford it and I haven't seen his campus.  He arranged it so I could spend two weeks staying with his girlfriend's parents a bit up north from campus.  I'm really excited, and I'll be with my son on his 21st birthday. 

      So, I'm hoping to do an autumn shawl when I visit Maine if I can catch up on my projects now.  They will have the vibrant oranges and reds and the variety of a New England Fall that we don't have in trees here, we have our golden aspen.  Or I'll make it in November when the scrub oaks and sage brush and hills and lower foothills here in Colorado are a sea of fall colors, reds, russets, oranges and yellow.    So here are some ideas I have for that.  One of the Malabrigo yarns in Marte or Stonechat - Malabrigo Yarn for a fall tone.  Which type of yarn will depend on what shawl I decide.



And what to do with this lovely yarn?  Several options-

Age of Brass and Steam - Free Pattern

Done in Marte Malabrigo Yarn Arroyo

I'm throwing this one in just because someone out there is able to do this, it would look amazing in the fall toned yarns above (but it looks a bit beyond my abilities, for now).


And a simple design -

Boom! Free Pattern

Soon we will be crunching dried leaves under our feet and hear them roll away down the street as a cool wind blows.

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