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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday - Upcoming October KALS

Once again I give you a preview of next month's KALs to come.  I'm finding the only dangerous thing about this is that it tempts me to start something else new!  Have fun looking and being tempted!

A Shawl for October - 2016 MKAL

October 2016 MKAL

  This is a pattern for a worsted weight mystery shawl. This shawl will have 4 panels and worked from the bottom up with lace work on both sides. It includes lace, a few cables, texture, and beads. Size is easily adjustable by adding panels or going up needles sizes. 

Dates: Release of Clues: 

Clue 1 - 1 October 
Clue 2 - 8 October 
Clue 3 - 15 October 
Clue 4 - 22 October 

Price: 4.99 USD 

Oktoberfest Shawl

Oktoberfest Shawl by Cindy Garland 
  Wild Prairie Knits 
  MKAL worsted weight, crescent shaped shawl. 3 size options. Lace. 
  Begins October 1st
Price: $6.00 (but price will increase once clues are released) 
MKAL Chat thread

"Starting October 1st we will begin our fourth WPKnits Club Mystery Knit Along for 2016. As we knit our projects, we will virtually tour Germany and learn all about this amazing country’s history, food and people."

The Colorwork KALs

  Any Colorwork Pattern by Susan Ashcroft plus complementary themes selected by the moderators 
 The Colorwork KALs 
  The fifth KAL of this forum will explore the colorwork designs of Susan Ashcroft, OR any knit colorwork project for the head or hands, OR any colorwork project that will be a gift. There are prizes and this is a friendly and supportive group that welcomes knitters with any level of colorwork experience. Please join us to learn or share your expertise. 
 October 1 - December 31, 2016

Blueberry Waffle Socks

 Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner 
  Marigold’s Loft 
 Come and join in the Sock-along knitting fun. You can join me in knitting the pattern stated above, or feel free to knit along on your own choice of pattern. Double-dipping welcome. 
  There are prizes up for grabs too :) 
  1st October - 1st November 

MKAL Memories of Angels

In memory of passed beloved pets.

 MKAL large asymmetrical triangular shaped shawl. The shawl is composed by 8 sections and each of them does have a different stitch pattern/motif. Pattern contains written directions only. 

Clue 1: October 2, 2016 
Clue 2: October 5, 2016 
Clue 3: October 9, 2016 
Clue 4: October 19, 2016 
Clue 5: October 23, 2016

Price: $2.95 EUR (about $3.50 USD) - price to increase as clues are released. 

Latvian Sampler KAL

Latvian Sampler kal by Wieke van Keulen 
Requires sign up here and you may need to use google translate or some other means to translate the page. 
The Latvian Sampler will be a new knit-a-long consists of 43 parts. It's fair-isle work.  In October 2016 the Latvian Sampler starts as a kal (knit-a-long). The Sampler is knit in the round, and at the end of the 43 weeks, you will have a lovely scarf. English and Dutch. 
 Begins October 

Note - One project follower suggests Knit Picks Palette Yarn for a more locally sourced yarn for this Latvian Scarf, colors of the yarn are given when we join the KAL.  

You will also need a circular needle in #2.5/3.0 mm and #4/3.5 mm, one source  - Caspian Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Tips and Caspian Fixed Circular Knitting Needles.

Some notes - I just signed up and it does take patience navigating the Dutch site with English translation -you're going to learn a few dutch words to do this.  You need to create an account to access and "buy" the pattern.  It is either for Free or a donation (she mentions the tremendous amount of work this has been for her, if you can't give now, we've got 43 more weeks to do so! ) I think the effort to get the pattern worth it - just think of it as a treasure hunt.  Create an account, look for the above drop down for the KAL and you'll get through! Good luck.

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2016 - Building Blocks 

- Stephen West

Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2016 - Building Blocks by Stephen West 
 Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL 2016 Moderatorwestknits 
A scarf/shawl/wrap - small and large size instructions 
Clue 1 - Friday, October 7 
Clue 2 - Friday, October 14 
Clue 3 - Friday, October 21 
Clue 4 - Friday, October 28 
Price: $6.50 USD 

Info for Westknits Mystery Shawl KAL newbies 

Gocce di Nostalgia

Gocce di Nostalgia by Maria Zilakou 
Maria Zilakou Designs/ moderator hosting :mariazil 
“Gocce di nostalgia” is a romantic shawl. The pattern is easy to follow; even beginners will be able to knit this shawl using basic techniques and following the detailed instructions. 
KAL Starts on Friday, October 7th and ends on November 4th 
It is already available in Italian and will be released in English on September 24, 2016. 
Price 2.00EUR (+VAT where applicable) until September 30, 2016; after that, it goes up to 5.00EUR. 
More info on my website, and on the KAL thread

Lucienne Stole

Lucienne Stole by Katy H. Carroll 
 Katinka Designs ModeratorKatinka 
With a touch of lace, a little bit of cabling, and a handful of dropped stitches, the Lucienne Stole will keep you entertained while using almost every last bit of a beautiful hand-dyed gradient set. 
 Monday, October 10th, through Saturday, December 10th 
Price: regularly $6.00 USD - 25% off through the end of day on Tuesday, 9/27 
KAL Chat

For the complete listing of KALs from KAL Fanatics on Ravelry - KALs October 2016.

Have Fun!

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