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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Simply Saturday - Back to The Drawing Board

     Right now I feel like Goldilocks and the three bears in the cabin and "the first one was tooooo small, and the second one tooooo big".  So the third try has to be just right.  Right?  I'm trying to learn how to design my own sweater.  Trying being the operative word right now.  I'm doing (rather slowly) the Top-Down Sweater KAL-  Improv - Fringe Association.  We are to choose the yarn, gauge, needles and based on their in depth (and awesome) tutorials do our stitch counts.  I originally did a cast on and I found the neck too tight and traditional looking, wanting a more loose fitting neckline and a scoop neck - Monday Moments and My Improv Sweater.  Well, now I know how a few additional stitches can add up.  I think if I kept this design I'd look more like Claire in the show Outlander about to walk into the French Court.  (An aside - I'm reading Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander, Book 2) now for the third time and that is the book that the TV series is portraying now.)

But I figure this is a learning experience for me, and I'd rather get it right the first time.  I'm also hoping to use this sweater pattern for a future one made of a better quality wool.   

     So, I'm actually very hopeful.  There are changes I knew I wanted to make on the next sweater and now I can do it for this one.  I'm not thrilled with the double row of stitches at the raglan sleeve, I'd prefer the traditional and more elegant one row.  Also while I want a scoop, this is too much.  This is still guesswork for me, so I'm returning to my numbers and I'm going to figure out my new cast-on based on something between the first and my last cast-on and we shall see.  My Ravelry page - The Really Improv Sweater!

Check out the Fringe's blog- Fringe Association - Top-Down Knitalong — Fall 2016 for tutorials and ideas galore on how to create your own designed sweater!

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