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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Free Pattern Thursday - Cowls


     The cold wind is starting to blow and thoughts of snuggly cowls start looking appealing.  My daughter who works in a Revolutionary Museum giving tours wants to knit cowls to sell at the museum.  Consulting with her on ideas this week brought up a lot of beautiful cowl patterns that I'll divide up between free ones for today and the rest tomorrow.  So simple, requiring less time and yarn than most projects, and definitely warmly satisfying.

"Our gift to you this season: a super-versatile cowl pattern that is simplicity itself, with details for eight yarn weights so you can use almost any yarn (or combination of yarns) you like."


I've made this several times and I absolutely love it!  It takes two days to knit.  My daughters in the family believe it should be smaller and I like the large size, so adjust to your wearer before using your provisional cast-on to finish the loop of the cowl, for some a smaller cowl fits better.

"When you’re trapped between two worlds in time and the Scottish Highlands are your new landscape, keep warm with this versatile wool cowl."

Happy Cowl Knitting!

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