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Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Moments

     One more week till I'm off to visit my son in Maine for his college Parent weekend and his 21st birthday.  I'll be there for two weeks! Yes, the ocean, I miss it and my son.

      So I'm pushing to finish my Just Knit It with Gifted Stash.  The Deep Stash Along was to end October 1st, but it's been pushed off two more weeks so I do have time to finish, but I'm running low on yarn.   I'm beginning to think it will not be enough yarn to make a complete scarf.  

     It began as a skein of stash wool that a friend gave to me 2 Christmases ago.  When I came across the KAL Deep Stash Along I found at against all knots , I thought this would make a perfect scarf or shawl and since I didn't have a wrapper with info.  I just weighed it and figured it seemed like it should have enough for this project with 94 grams, since other fingering weight yarn at 100 gms. are over 400 yds.  I'm at 46 grms. left now.  I might have enough, I might not.  So if I come up short I have a quandrum.  

      My thoughts at this point is if it's ends are long enough to wrap around my neck- I have a simple scarf.  If not, I could keep my eyes open for a coordinating yarn and finish it with another color. 

      Finding a similar yarn might prove difficult.  My friend that gifted it tells me it's %100 wool from a Webs fair, but it seems so different than just wool, almost a cotton texture, so I'm wondering if it must be partially something else and it has a painted effect.  So if I use it up and it doesn't seem long enough, I might put it on a piece of yarn to keep and bring with me to Maine and go yarn shopping.  There is supposed to be a real cute yarn shop in Bar Harbor called - Bee’s Yarns, Sweaters, & Candy, reviewers say it has old fashioned candy and lovely yarn at good prices.  So I'll take a look.

The Original Just Knit It - 2012

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