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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Simply Saturday - Doing A Latvian Sampler


Two days ago I did a post on KALs coming up in October, Thursday - Upcoming October KALS.  Of course every time I do this I get my attention diverted to something new.  This time I was really struck with a project that lasts 43 weeks, with weekly clues on how to create a 

Latvian Sampler.  In the end you will have a beautiful scarf!

Yarn in Designer kit for KAL

Ravelry on the  KAL Fanatics page - KALs October 2016 describes the KAL -
"Requires sign up here and you may need to use google translate or some other means to translate the page. 

The Latvian Sampler will be a new knit-a-long consists of 43 parts. It's fair-isle work.  In October 2016 the Latvian Sampler starts as a kal (knit-a-long). The Sampler is knit in the round, and at the end of the 43 weeks, you will have a lovely scarf. "

     It starts October 5th and clues are released every Wednesday morning.

      To get the pattern (for free or small donation) you need to register on her page, Latvian Sampler.  Looking at comments on the Latvian Sampler kal site reveals many have had problems getting registered.  I did get it done, so I want to encourage others to try.  It requires patience and a bit of guess work on some words that are Dutch (I also used Google Translation for Dutch to English).  I imagined I was on a treasure hunt and finally made it through.  Some hints - creating an account was the first obstacle to opening her site, to make a password - use caps, and lowercase and numbers and make it longer than you usually do, it finally took!  The Sampler is under a drop down at top under the word - "breien", then "knit-a-long (brei mee).  When purchasing you can make a donation (or later for the designer's hard work) or promise to promote it (what I'm doing!).  This is the page you will go to, but it will only open once you've "purchased" it - Latvian Sampler knit-a-long – home page.  

Good luck, persevere, I think this KAL will prove to teach us a lot and it'll be so pretty when done. 

A beautiful Latvian Pattern -

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