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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

WEBS Hat KAL Starts July 5th

Just a heads up that the KAL for WEBS Hat is starting today- Get Ready To Choose Your Own Adventure.

      I'm now planning to do a Hat KAL from WEBs called Choose Your Own Adventure - Hat KAL.  It caught my eye because the picture saying "Choose your own Adventure" on Ravelry looked so much like The Adirondacks and it starts the day before my Mom's Memorial.  And I thought what a good way to keep my spirits up and do something fun for me.  I don't have internet so to make it even a more challenging adventure I need to find internet and a willing person to take me there.  The library, the grocery store all the way in Lake Placid.  Somehow I'll do it. Hum, I wonder if the Ausable Club has wifi, but it's in the middle of nowhere.   

The KAL is described as giving different options at different stages for what you want in your hat. "Are you ready for an Adventure?"  One option sounds like it might be colorwork or fair isle and I've never done that.  So here's the Webs Store blog for updated posts.  

My Patons from my yarn stash for my KAL Hat.

In Get Ready To Choose Your Own Adventure WEBS outlines what you need to get prepared for the Hat KAL.  And I have the RSS feed and links to the right, at top of my blog for July.


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