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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday's Yarn Along- Throne of Glass and a Hat KAL

Fair-isle just started

     I'm reading and mostly listening to Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass series Book 1) and knitting while I'm listening.  The plot has me caught in the intrigue of an youthful assassin who has to redeem herself by competing to become the king's champion.  Meanwhile something or someone is killing the other combatants.  Love between her and the prince seems to be blooming.  Mysterious and fun dialogue.  Despite the heat I like to sit on my porch three stories up with the tree tops.  There's a nice wind and my flowers surround me.

     Lately I'm following the Hat KAL called Get Ready To Choose Your Own Adventure by WEBS that started this month (not too late to join in).  It's an adventure because you choose your brim and what stitch to knit, or if you want colorwork in it.  I've done hats before, but I wanted to learn fair isle and slowly I am.  I've never done charting before either, so that's new.  I'm still not able to hold both yarns in one hand to wrap a stitch, but I'll work on it.   I'm pleased with the results so far.

     My book is awesome and I'm glad it's the beginning of the series, my only complaint is I returned the book to the library since I was leaving and while I listen to it most times and read it on my tablet, I still like holding a book.  I'll have to keep an eye out in second hand shops.  I want my 14 yr old to read it and she's sticking her nose up, but if I get it and it lands on her shelf of books with her older sister's lovely selection of books, one never knows, she might change her mind when Mom isn't looking.  Teens, if they only knew how predictable they are!

My birthday yarn and book.

     Still waiting for my Chroma Fingering Yarn for the Summer 2016 KAL.  It was shipped this Monday and yes I am impatient!  I think it'll be fun.  But I need to catch up to 100 some odd stitches on a graduated triangle shawl shape knit from the side.  My post on it was fun! Friday Fantasy Knits- Summer 2016 KAL Shawl in Sherbet Colors.

     In between knits I'm trying to work on my socks- Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts- A Sock Knitalong.  Slowly they will get done.  It's so pretty!

Please come share in Wednesday's Yarn Along the book that you are reading and what you are knitting on with a picture and link to your blog at "Small Things".

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  1. What gorgeous, cheerful summery photos! We recently moved and I'm hoping we get our patio set up soon so I can sit out back to knit and read. We bought a new outdoor rug, some fun patio lights to string up and I'm slowly accumulating new plants... and I've been dreaming about a small fountain! Sarah J. Maas's books have been on my maybe-to-read list for a while. I don't typically read much YA, but I've heard so many good things about her. I'm glad you're enjoying "Throne of Glass"!

    1. Your patio sounds like it'll be wonderful! I read a few teen reads when my oldest was a teen, Twilight and Harry Potter, but this doesn't seem just for teens. I like them and it's especially fun to listen and knit! Hope you enjoy your flowers, this time of year you can actually get some pre-planted pots at reduced rates and if you have space try perennials, they were my favorite when I had garden space. Go to Home depot, buy their huge perennials, whatever is blooming and go back each month of the season. You'll get a variety. Cut down in Fall, and mulch. Good to go. Have fun.

  2. I'm very interested in Throne of Glass--sounds intriguing! Your Malabrigo yarn is divine.

    Thanks for the Washington Post article link.

    How did your TGV turn out? I still need to vigorously block mine.

  3. The TGV was almost done last week in The Adirondacks and then the needle broke, awaiting payday tomorrow to get a new needle. I was so close to done, it hurt, I also have had a hard time not having that knit to knit- I got used to it! So it needs lots of blocking? I haven't been a great blocker, but maybe I'll get a spray bottle and attack it when done. Hope the article didn't offend, bad subject these days, but I couldn't resist! Troublemaker at heart. :)