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Friday, March 24, 2017

Knitting a Hat for The March For Science - Simple Hats


     I had intended to do a post on PussyHats and a crossover to green versions for the March For Science , but we now have a month to go and I feel that I need to share a few more times hats that we can do in this time frame.  I do still have a selection of green and blue pussyhats below.  I'm going to willy nilly select a few and then get back to my knitting!  I have several green and blue hats to go and the time is ticking.  I do think I'll keep it simple today, thinking of time restraints and if you want to donate hats for the Washington, D.C. march here's the link - Project Thinking Cap.  And please keep it Blue and Green for the unified look and support of the Earth and Ecology.


A Variation of a headband by Doreen Milcarek (no pattern)-

Someone suggested the Caron Cakes brand of yarn might be a good choice for this.

In Green and or Blue -

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   Come join me if you are inclined at "Resistance Knitters"Resistance Knitters", a new Facebook group I created to encourage each other in the journey of protest.  Historically this is a long drawn out process, not an overnight success story (even though there will be good, uplifting moments like The Women's March).  I studied History and International Studies and I post a lot of news items and commentators and also knitting patterns for marches.   Quotes, books to read, and uplifting thoughts.  It's a place to post, and share what you're doing but also discuss the politics of the day.  And yes we're very Liberal.  I will not make rules, I ask for polite discourse and to be kind.  Anyone is welcome as long as we respect each other.