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Friday, March 3, 2017

Perfect Protest Hats to Knit for the March For Science

Get involved and knit a hat for the March For Science on Earth Day, April 22, 2017.
March or donate your hat to Project Thinking Cap.

New York Times centerfold Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017

     Previous blog posts on patterns to knit have covered a broad range of possibilities (last week I focused on summer hats), but within each post was some solid, popular or plain practical hats to knit for the march.  Perhaps just simple, and/or quick.  Practical to make a zillion of them to donate.  I'll share hat patterns from the simple, to a few popular choices, and some more intricate.  So today's post will center on those more "perfect" patterns.  For an exhaustive source for more patterns check the bottom below for links to previous blog posts filled with tons of patterns!

     Have fun and be sure to knit in Green & Blue for unity and support of your environment, ecology and science, also scientists' efforts to protect this Earth. 


Project Thinking Cap  (site for information on where to ship hats and patterns)

Other posts with lots, I mean lots of patterns, over 50 patterns and many free.    Please keep it Green or Blue so we coordinate!

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New News -

I created a facebook group page called - Resistance Knitters.

Come join us for some rousing political talk (I hope), knitting news and sharing projects.

And we've created a new ravelry group called March for Science - Official Knitting Group


A Facebook page by the same name - March for Science


A Personal Blog on My Political Thoughts-

The Resistance Knitter - New Blog - Many Thoughts