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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday's Yarn Along

Please note - The Wednesday Yarn Along is over, unless someone feels like picking it up, let me know if you do!

     OK, I'm a little surprised but Ginny's Yarn Along has stopped and for understandable reasons.  But I really appreciate her being there all this time for me and others.  So here's her farewell from that, but she'll be blogging spontaneously from now on.   Ginny at her "Small Things" blog.  

      I too stopped blogging as much since I created a Facebook page for protest knitting called "The Resistance Knitters" (more details on bottom) and I ramped up my resistance knitting.  So I'll have to re-think a name for today, I still like pairing what I'm knitting with reading and I am going to share on Tuesday's blog post - "Keep Calm, Craft On" (just a bit late) by Frontier Dreams.

    I'm mainly knitting my Ecology Hats in Green for the March For Science on April 22nd, Earth Day.  I've offered hats for any students at my son's Ecology College - College of The Atlantic if they go to the March For Science in Washington, D.C. or the one in Boston, the second largest march.  If you're interested in helping donate hats in green to the college let me know by messaging me at  on Ravelry.

     I'm reading sporadically, between knitting, Rogue Wave (Crime by Design Book 1) Kindle Edition by Jane Thornley.  It's great from the little bit I've read, mixing knitting in with a mystery involving the disappearance of the main character's brother.  

     Already the book has inspired me to knit this lovely wave shawl by the author: RoGUE WAVE WRAP by Jane Thornley

I can see it in this yarn,  Luminance Lace Yarn (Silk yarn).  I can see the waves now, the blues and white and grey. 

   Colors called: Peaceful, Meditation, Innocence, Grace, Thoughtful, Benevolence, Balance and Serenity.

Also posting in Tuesday's "Frontier Dreams" and sharing my creations. 

 I'm cheating right now and doing one post instead of two so I can knit more!

     Come join me if you are inclined at "The Resistance Knitters"a new Facebook group I created to encourage each other in the journey of protest.  Historically this is a long drawn out process, not an overnight success story (even though there will be good, uplifting moments like The Women's March).  I studied History and International Studies and I post a lot of news items and commentators and also knitting patterns for marches.   Quotes, books to read, and uplifting thoughts.  It's a place to post, and share what you're doing but also discuss the politics of the day.  And yes we're very Liberal.  I will not make rules, I ask for polite discourse and to be kind.  Anyone is welcome as long as we respect each other.


  1. I am also sad that Ginny's Yarn Along is over I was very surprised today not to see the list pop up. I understand her reasoning, life gets busy and it is very routine to post every Wednesday. I will also continue to share my knitting and reading with Frontier Dreams. I love the hat so far it is looking good! lovely shawl! it is nice to draw inspiration from books and wherever you can get it! have a good day!

    1. Thanks, I'm surprised, but I also cut back some, life changes and a wise woman changes with it. I wish her peace in her days. Im curious if someone will pick it up. I'm about to check out some other blogs I know that do it. You never know. I actually have finished several of these hats, I'm just too swamped with green yarn and a thriving FB group to stop and take pictures! I will next week. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I am toying with picking up Yarn Along. I love the simplicity of sharing books and projects.

    1. Yeah!!! I'll be quiet till you know. But as soon as you know for sure, pass on the info. I got people thinking about it on FB. One woman was asking and then just backed off. I'd rather see you do it! :)

    2. Yeah, I like the simplicity too! They go together in my life too.