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Friday, March 10, 2017

Knitting Our Thoughts - Political Protest Knit Into Words and Symbols

     I wanted today to focus on words and symbols on hats for the March For Science , April 22nd, Earth Day.  Words knit into hats are forming a strong political climate of resistance.  The pink Pussy-hats were visual reminders of offensive language which we turned around so we could own it, and empower ourselves.  But then there are the words.  Powerful, some very short and to the point, that say it all - Resist, Persist.  The symbols, especially science ones for the March for Science, are powerful too.  Creating a new vocabulary visually.

PLEASE - Knit in Green and Blue for Unity.

© SportyGranola

© corgisknit

 © ArchyKnitr

 © kitknits1

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  1. Looks great! Thanks for including my designs. :)

    1. Your welcome. At the rate you're going you'll need a whole post for your work. Cranking it out!