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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Technique Thursday- Binding Off

     I've actually caught up on my Hat and I'm starting to bind off.  The Get Ready To Choose Your Own Adventure hat KAL is wrapping up and they have binding off techniques I thought I'd share- Choose Your Own Adventure – Hat KAL: Week 4.  The WEBS website goes over 4 techniques and both myself and my friend Maureen, who's also doing the Hat KAL, are doing the same decrease, fancy that!

     I'm doing the spiral (option #1) decrease and trying to still work a few more rows of Fair Isle in because I didn't get to finish the pattern before I hit the measurement to start decreasing.  I think it's coming out OK.  I'm winging it at some points as stitches are being removed.  I marker the places for decrease, every 10 stitches with a double set of ring markers and a single set for the end of the Fair Isle pattern.  Before each double markers I K2 together, and then I need to fudge what I do with the Fair Isle without it's one stitch!  Kind of confusing, but I'm determined!  

My friend Maureen is also working on the decreases. Mojorao's Adventure KAL

She describes her technique- "So, for my hat decrease, I’m doing the first option in the tutorial – the Spiral Decrease.  I was using a 16” circular needle for the first part of the hat, so I switched to DPN’s and I added stitch markers every 10 stitches. Now, every other row, I do a K2tog right before each stitch marker.  On the alternate rows, I knit the round.

Here you can see my stitch markers.  Notice that I’m using a different one to designate the beginning of the round (but I still do a K2tog before it on my decrease row)."


     Next week the WEBS blog will be finishing up with their KAL and I think we'll both be ready!  If you haven't had a chance to do this KAL, do check out the pattern and all the options.  It's great!  I'm planning to go back and try the other choices, like over-all seed stitch or cables running up the side, after all I have a lot of heads to cover for Christmas!

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