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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday's Yarn Along

     I'm finally back after a day of travel across the U.S..  The Adirondacks looks so lush and green.  Odd to be propelled across the continent and in major cities from Vermont to Newark, to Denver, when just days ago I was snuggled in front of a fireplace in a lodge from the turn if the century without electricity.  It was raining all day Saturday and Sunday, but the fireplace was divine.  Not so much fun when we needed to row out on Sunday, but it was so pretty with the moss and low clouds.  I slept the whole weekend in a lean-to under mosquito netting, listening to the loons and bull frogs.

Lower AuSable Lake in the Adirondack High Peaks. Photo: Sammetsfan, Creative Commons

My son Jonathan and his lovely girlfriend Emily came 12 hours from Maine to join us in camp.  Driving all Friday night, then rowing up the two lakes in the rain Saturday (with a mile plus hike in the middle).  They crashed for awhile before playing games, Emily reading from a book to the kids in between naps.  

That night he helped me hand whip Maple syrup frosting for my vanilla birthday cake I baked- yummy!  (Recipe for Maple Syrup Frosting- Grandma's White Cake with Maple Syrup Frosting, and I use a cake mix doctored up for the cake- Vanilla Cupcakes).

  My son took Monday off from his carpentry job on his college campus in Maine so he could be there for my birthday and took me and my youngest Maggie out for breakfast before they drove back.  He twisted copper wire with a small heart shaped piece of greenish-blue seaglass for a ring for my present- he's very good at wire sculptures.

     I'm reading a new book that is so good- Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas.  It's a read for teens but I'm loving it.  Propelled into a new world with princes, a magical kingdom seemingly destroyed and a main character who is an 18 year old renowned assassin who needs to redeem herself from prison by competing to be the king's (a former enemy) champion.  It's going to be a great series to read and I'm planning to pass it onto my 14 yr. old when I'm done.

My TGV Shawl and my Mom's flowers for the headstone (they were wrapped in blue ribbons)

We planted pretty lilies by my mother's grave, my dad and I.  It's so lovely up there in the family plot.  Surrounded by mountains on a hillside covered with purple blooming thyme.  I got a small lavender for my Dad to plant this week next to her head stone.

     On the knitting front I had a few snares.  I got so close to finishing my TGV Shawl, but my circular needle broke while knitting sitting on moss by the banks of the stream.  So I went back to my other purple TGV Shawl.  I had intended to start the WEBS KAL hats on time last week, and I even got internet at the library to get it, but I left my yarn here in Colorado.   So I need to catch up with swatching and choosing a design.  Looking forward to that today.  Thinking of doing a Technique Thursday tomorrow on the beginning gauge step in The KAL. Choose Your Own Adventure - Hat KAL

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  1. What beautiful pictures of a wonderful trip you had. It sounds like it was meaningful and peaceful.

    1. THanks- it was for my Mom's Memorial, but I felt like she had given me a gift of being back in The Adirondacks where we all grew up in the summers, going back to my great grandfather. So yes all worked out well, and time with my elderly Dad and my Uncle and Aunt and cousins was special.

  2. It sounds like a lovely time with family and a special memorial for your mum. Where in Maine is your son? I'm w-a-y up north!

    1. He goes to College of Atlantic in Maine next to Bar Harbor and is in love with his college, Maine and his girlfriend Emily (not necessarily in that order). He's going onto his junior year and between working on campus with the carpenter and being a RA in his dorms, he's there year round. He just got a Maine licence plate- that says it all. I miss him a lot but because I also missed my flight going out back East (tired and they boarded early and I missed it), they gave me $1000 flight credit for a year because they overbooked. So a mistake that I can be pleased about! I'm using the $ to go to Maine in the Fall for the parent weekend. Isn't that amazing? Emily's Mom asked me to stay for awhile with them. I'm so looking forward to it, I haven't seen his campus yet.