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Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Five (Questions to Answer)

OK- these questions are just too good to resist. To play along mosey over to  What If This Is As Good As it Gets

  1. How skilled are you with a chef’s knife?
  2. not very
  3. How skilled are you with chopsticks?
  4. I struggle with noodles
  5. How skilled are you with a hammer?
  6. not at all
  7. How skilled are you with a corkscrew?
  8. now we're in my wheelhouse!
  9. How skilled are you with a needle and thread?
  10. I can do basic things, but if it was knitting needles and yarn--well, then it's a different ballgame!
  • Working with Chefs for 8 years assisting Cooking Classes at Chefs Retail store taught me a lot of things.  I went from a deathly fear of using a Chef's knife to (still cautiously) being pretty efficient with one.  What was odd was I think I actually picked up some habits by just being with Chefs all the time.  But for me, and I'd tell customers this when selling knives, it was all a matter of focus.  I found as a Mom (or maybe that's my personality) I can get easily focused on something else while I'm doing something.  Not a good idea when wielding an 8 inch blade.  So focus, also always make the claw with your other hand to preserve your fingers. I also found I liked a Santoku knife better- it has less rock but it was a better size for me.
  • Very skilled with chopsticks- I once read it was a good trick to loose weight in college! Yup, until you become good at it.
  • OK- I lose it at a hammer. I'm not good at that- my fingers are at risk!
  • Not- I don't drink much.
  • Awesome with thread- I was into Costuming as a teen and did an Internship at The MET in The Costume institute. Now my oldest girl is graduating from college in a few weeks as a History/Lit Major and Costume Minor.  She's working on Colonial Reproductions at Pilmoth Rock this summer. Nice to have her carry on.


  1. Costuming fascinates me. Your daughter has an amazing opportunity.

    1. Yes- I try not to be jealous! But she seems to be able find projects in her field so far. She just finished her last College play doing costumes.