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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Technique Thursday: A Sock-A-Thon

I've never done socks and from reading other's posts I feel like I'm the only knitter who hasn't done socks.  I kinda feel knitting illiterate in a way and that I'm missing out.  Perhaps with cold feet!  So when a knitalong for socks arose I felt I needed to rise to the challenge!  Mason-Dixon Knitting- Announcing: A One-Sock Knitalong.  It starts Monday, May 16th.  She encourages knitters to do one of the following:

Ann at Mason-Dixon Knitting explains the knitalong-
"So. Anybody who’d like to finish something for once, who’d like to start a knitalong already halfway home free, this knitalong is for you. Three possibilities:
Option 1: Poke around to see if you can find a bogged-down sock project, and dig it out. 
Option 2: If you don’t have such a project, feel free to dive in with a fresh skein of sock yarn (NOBODY lacks that), and go hunting for a sock pattern that will amuse you. I’m really curious what patterns everybody selects, so I’ll cook up a thread over on the Mason-Dixon Knitters forum on Ravelry.
 Option 3: I also encourage anybody who has never made socks to jump in. So many cool things about knitting a sock. Let’s start on Monday, May 16. We’ll finish by the end of May." - See more at:
  Mason-Dixon Knitting- Announcing: A One-Sock Knitalong

 So I fall into category 3- never been there- loved to try.  So this Saturday I'm off to find sock yarn (I'm not one of those who have sock yarn) and mini-small needles- the smallest I've used and I'll venture forth and try something new, socks!

 Some sock patterns I'm purusing-

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