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Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Finds

     I have a full plate today with traveling back East on Monday for my Daughter's graduation from college in Vermont.  I have this vague hope that I can pick up my The Fearless Cardigan (previously Frogged!) and it can be thrown together again because I think I know where I made my mistakes were and (I think) I know what I'm doing (notice the "I think").  But she graduates in Vermont and I am staying in a cottage in the Adirondack Mountains with no heat except small electric wall heaters and a fireplace.  I hear it snowed last week.  So, suddenly the idea of having a Bulky cardigan that's only negative comment on Ravelry was that it was too warm sounds oh, so good and snuggly.

  OK- so this is so typical me, I want to do one thing and what do I do all day?  I saw those cute little buttons and the ad link on our new host for the meme "Friday Finds" (Babs Book Bistro)  and I just had to get them!  Yup, I am tenacious, to a fault.  And they were stubbornly going in the wrong place, and haven't exactly been what I designed.  So I will try later.  I want my sweater.  We shall see.  So this wordy explanation is to say- I'm sharing only 1 book today because I can't spend more time on this.  But, I want to support the new blog.  One day I will figure out that cute app everyone else has that adds their TBR list from Goodreads or Pinterest, another day, another week.

My Book:

     I've read the other books in this series and they're fun.  They do tend to repeat the same formula, but I was on a "read all I could find of Kat Martin" fling and I decided the series was a once in awhile for when I just want a light, racy (in more ways than one) read.  So it's been a few years and instead of buying it I saw it was for $1.99 on Kindle and added to my tablet for my vacation in case I just need what I think of as reading candy- easy, light and just plain fun.  So I'm pleased with myself it's there.  It'll be read sometime this summer if not next week.

  If you are interested in learning how to knit socks- that is what I am doing this week for a knit-along, come check out this week's blog.  Even if curious come peruse my Friday Fantasy Knits- I Dream of Socks I Could Knit to be inspired.

  So enjoy your week's read.


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