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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Eclectic Thoughts- Keeping On

I'm keeping on going.  Things ending in life and in my knitting.  Some things are getting finished, others ripped out.  I ripped out my The Fearless Cardigan.  And I have some good ideas on how to make it fit next time.  So hopefully that will get up on needles today. 

 My Big Hug cardigan is going up well and I added some rows for more length and ran out of yarn- Technique Thursday- The Big Hug in Blue, a Fast Knit.   So that's put aside till payday and I can put my my Mom's afghan back on the long wooden needles. 

 I miss working on it, the afghan, and I'm sure I'll just hug it in the future if you're wondering where it's going.  Some thoughts are best not thought.  Technique Thursday- A Prayer Shawl for My Mom.  

My Mother's Day Lilacs from my husband who went all over town to find ones to pick

On an upbeat note- it's my oldest daughter's 22nd birthday today ( a special day to celebrate for me since I finally gave birth after 11 years of trying!).  She has two weeks left to finish college and I will be there back East in Vermont for her graduation and staying in our family's cottage in the Adirondacks.  The whole family should be there and even though my son is in Final week in his Maine college, he's going to try and make it with his girl Emily (who is just getting back from a term in France). 

 I'm trying to work only on my poncho so I can travel in that.  Worse case scenario I'll bring it with me and finish it there.  Technique Thursday- Doing up a Poncho and How To Follow a Knitting Pattern

The Adirondack Mts. in New York- the largest preserved region in the US 

I'll have 10 days, many of them alone in the cabin with me, myself and I.  What a crowd!  And my knitting and book and a roaring fire (the mountains will still be cold in May & June).  My daughter will be nesting up in the "Bunkhouse", a restored Turn-of-the-Century carriage house up above in the woods.  She deserves a break.  Adirondack pictures- Wednesday's Yarn Along in May.

I'm still working on my Laws of Knitting- Kitchen Dishcloth ~ Double Seed Stitch in Peaches & Cream in  Lotus Blossom.  Technique Thursdays- Dishcloth Mania!

Check out my last Friday Fantasy knits blog- Friday Fantasy Knits in Purple Splendor.  I really like the results- lots of pictures for knitting in purple for inspiration.

On Mother's Day I felt inspired to share my experience of going through so many years childless and having finally having children and how that makes Mother's Day always a special day for me.  From none to three is a miracle few know about now, and it seemed worth mentioning.   Mother's Day: Mom- Not A Title I’d Ever Take Lightly!

For Mother's day I made again an awesome pan of Amazing Cinnamon Rolls, which today I'm trying to keep my hands off of!  I know how much butter I put in them!  Next time less.  But they are a really nice treat.  I finally got the recipe perfectly down and I think the trick is undercooking them for a Cinnabon like experience with  a cream Cheese, honey and butter topping.

OK- I give up- I want one!

To share your knits on Tuesday (or later in the week) go to visit Nicole at Frontier Dreams and post in "Keep Calm, Craft On" .


  1. You have been very busy! Hope you have a wonderful time your daughter's graduation and visiting with family. Thank you so much for visiting!

  2. Thank you. I loved your post- such pretty pictures you do and so New England. Being out West is a rugged mix of red rocks and yucca and soaring mountains that fill the sky. Both places are beautiful, but I miss seeing the East. It'll be nice to be back for a bit and I'll see what pictures I can get to share!

  3. Oh, so many great projects are happening! I hope you will be able to save your cardi - the color is amazing!