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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday Sock-A-Thon

I've decided to participate in the Knitalong starting Monday that is hosted by- Mason-Dixon- Announcing: A One-Sock Knitalong (details on her page and how to participate).
My Technique Thursday: A Sock-A-Thon also goes over details and some pattern inspiration (all free) for possible socks and warm toes.  The Mason-Dixon Blog yesterday added a long list of possible sock inspiration to check out- Mason-Dixon: Snippets: 42,799 Sock Patterns to Consider.

 I'm hoping I'll be good at this and like it as much as everyone else does.  Everyone raves about knitting socks and I've never done one.  Scarves, sweaters, hats and finally I conquered mittens and gloves this winter (Christmas Knitted Up).  If it is as good a knitting thrill as everyone  promises then I'll make socks for Christmas gifts.

Today I'm going out to get sock yarn and tiny needles.   Now I know I'd love to mosey over to that yarn store I saw that is in Old Colorado City, but once inside I'd be in trouble.  I can't justify the price right now with needing traveling money and my youngest is graduating from 8th grade in a few weeks and she has the amusement park and pool party to be covered.  I need a dress or two- why is it that I dread going shopping- even if it is the local Thrift store?  I do always find lovely dresses there.  The list goes on and on.  Yeah, so I'm going cheap.  Cheap and Walmart or perhaps Joann's with coupons, or Hobby Lobby with their %40 coupon and then there's Michael's with their coupons.  So I'm off today to see what I can see.

Patons Sock Yarn

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