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Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Moments

 I wanted to take a moment and pause to think about my week to come.  To form a plan, to reflect on the right attitude, to set goals.

I have several projects up on needles, but I need to prioritize what I want to get done this week without crowding it with too much.  I want to enjoy my last week home before I leave for 10 days in the Adirondacks back East.  My daughter is graduating from Middlebury in Vermont.

I'm starting a new first for me today- I'm going to learn how to do socks.  And I'm going to do a "knitalong".  Mason-Dixon Knitting- Needles Up: One-Sock Knitalong Blasts Off Now  These are both new to me.  But I'm armed with my new sock yarn and my tiny needles and I'm raring to get started.  I'll be following Susan B. Anderson- How I Make My Socks as a pattern (simple is good for me and I like simple).  I have some yarn I picked up at Hobby Lobby which looks fun and was a good price.  Inspiration- Technique Thursday: A Sock-A-Thon and Saturday Sock-A-Thon.

I'm also going to continue working on my Technique Thursday- Doing up a Poncho and How To Follow a Knitting Pattern.  I finished one side last night and decided it was too short, so I'm putting it back on the needles today and adding a bit of length (till I finish my first skein).

I bought new cotton yarn for more dishcloths/washcloths for knitting in the Adirondacks (nice and light to pack). Technique Thursdays- Dishcloth Mania!

Today and this week I want to just Be-
Be Thankful
Rest in Thankfulness
Rejoice in the Perfect Moment
Just Be
Drink some Tea
Read my book
at Home


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