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Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Fantasy Knits- I Dream of Socks I Could Knit

     I'm dreaming of socks this Friday Fantasy Knits.  Simple sock patterns that I could do as a newbie to socks.  A few more complicated looking, but still with simple lines.  I'm hoping I can make socks for Christmas gifts and these are going to be great inspiration to anyone newbie or expert in sock making.  All are free and linked with Ravelry to add to your own "Favorite" list for another day, or start today!  Enjoy.

       My last week has been focused on making my first sock.  Never done it before and I'm leary of small needles.  So far, so good and I'm actually enjoying myself.  To join in the Knit-along go to- Mason-Dixon Knitting  where you can either finish a sock started, grab some sock yarn and start a new sock or learn like me.  Beside Susan B. Anderson- How I Make My Socks which I am using for a pattern and instruction, you can look at the  Rye Sock by TinCanKnits- Free Pattern and tutorials below and use that pattern and they have great step-by-step tutorials for their Simple Collection (Free patterns and tutorials) where you learn how to knit something gorgeous.  Very simple, but lovely patterns.

A Simple Collection of Lovely Socks to Knit-

Wool, silk, nylon and mohair socks, how to define cosy and soft.

The name is just my cup of tea and the socks look lovely-

Pretty and versatile-

Vanilla Socks just sound delicious and the theory of knitting it from the other way sounds interesting.

The ultimate in luxury- Cashmere.

 Saturday Matinee Socks (half price May 20th)

I need a heavy men's sock for my son and hubby and this is made of worsted weight yarn which I was thinking would be a lot better for them.  Truly they would shred the little sock yarn on what I'm doing now!

Done in Black Current madelinetosh Tosh Sock

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