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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Seed Stitch Cowl

I'm playing around with different cowl patterns in Seed Stitch and Moss Stitch to determine what pattern to create. I know I want to use Lion's Wool-Ease- Thick & Quick Yarn Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. It's easy to use, has a lovely selection of color, user friendly (you can wash it easily) and it's affordable. It also works up well with large needles- with lots of texture. The "Quick" part also is a boon- making it possible to make a garment within a day or two.

I already had Barley Wool-Ease and I'm quickly whipping up this cowl on the left- 2 Simple Snoods Pattern in the Seed Stitch pattern. So far it's lovely and going up fast, but I don't know if it's fast enough for a repeatable knittable to sell. I love the texture of the seed stitch, but I'm thinking I'd like a larger more defined stitch with #17 or #19 size needles (I'm using a #15 circular needle now). But this is still lovely in itself and I'm finishing it!

Pictures & Comments to follow.

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