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Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Moments- Last week till Vacation

    I'm off next week to the Adirondacks again for my Mom's Memorial (where I sing with my dulcimer) and then I have 2 weeks there with my family.  It feels like it's a gift from my Mom.

     Hopeful my son will come in from Maine for the weekend to camp up the lakes at an old turn-of -the-century lodge.  Not exactly roughing it.  If my son comes then I'm going to sleep out in the lean-to.  There are mosquito netting tents and it's better than inside on the floor.  And I'd rather be outside with the fire, and s'mores and bullfrogs singing.  We'll have fun.  


My family's boat is a blue one in the boat house, the boat once was my grandfather's.

Adirondack Guide Boats
Powered boats are not allowed up the lakes- only canoes and Guide boats which are weighted in such a way as to haul large loads of stuff up the lakes.

     So this week's for wrapping things up like my blue and white dress and putting some length on my TGV shawl so I can see it finished.  I'd like to start a series of "Spa Cloths" to take with me to The Adirondacks and give some as gifts, but I'll have to see if I have time.

finally got most of my plants planted on my porch-


  1. Such lovely vacation plans and memorial plans. Sorry to hear you lost your Mother.
    I love your photos. Canoeing is one of my most favorite activities in quiet water.
    Nice to meet you in blog land Elise

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I'm singing "Into The West" and it's about going to sleep and meeting another day. It fit perfectly. When we go into camp we'll mostly use Adirondack Guide boats and the younger like my son or my brother will row us up. The boats will be filled to the edges with supplies and people. In the old days they were used by trappers to haul their furs, or for guides to get people into camp. I guess they're fairly only locally used. It'll be lots of fun. Glad to meet!