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Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Fantasy Knits

Back from the woods and I'm dreaming more that I wish I was back still in the woods.

      I do go back in less than a month for my Mom's Memorial in the Adirondacks.

    I'm singing at the memorial and I need to practice this month the song I started playing on my mountain dulcimer when I found out my Mom had Alzheimer's and was dying several years ago.   It's "Into the West" from "Lord of the Rings" and probably a seemingly odd choice for me.  I'm a Believer, but most there at the Memorial are not.

    So next month I sing a song that sings of falling asleep and one day my Mom being in my arms again.  For some even the concept that there is another day after we die and we're reunited is unbelievable.  So hopefully this will lift people's hearts as much as possible.  It does mine.  Listen to the song- "Into the West".

My daughter got the flower boxes planted this week, I did the tubs in the back, all like my Mom use to do.

  Forgive me if I skimp on the knitting news today.  Travel yesterday consisted of a two hour windy, fast run by my daughter down country roads to Vermont.  I'm really not fond of the fast pace on little roads, so I looked down at my knitting and looked at the beautiful mountains and forest and kept my mouth shut.  Daughter's grown, period.  She doesn't like Mom to mother.  Sigh.

     Once in Vermont I had an English Tea and sat in one of those lovely wooden rockers the Vermont airport provides and knit on my TGV Shawl- Friday Fantasy Knits- Dreaming of Shawlettes.  So comfortable I think I could of easily missed the flight.

      Then in NY I had a four hour layover which was exasperated by almost a two hour delay and we took off so late and I arrived- thankfully in one piece- in Colorado almost at Midnight.  So I'm wiped.  My body woke up at Eastern Time.

     So today I'll un-pack, pick-up the house a bit (my daughter and husband made some lovely changes to our little apartment, rearranging things better and putting up those curtains, finally).  Today I'll read and knit on my TGV shawl, and next week I think I'll be dreaming of Turquoise and Carribean Blue knitables on Friday Fantasy Knits.  It'll make me think of swimming this summer.  I left my swimsuit here when I packed thinking it's always cold in the mountains in May.  Always, and last week on Memorial weekend it was in the 80's and everyone swam but Moi.  Next month.

Today, I'll just Dream.......

On the side-
 My girl Elisabeth- the girl with the long red hair in center.

   On news about my daughter's graduation: my daughter did graduate Magna Cum Laude, to my surprise and relief!  She had told me weeks ago because of a neglected math course her grade point average was ruined for Honors.  I was so disappointed for her because she had worked so hard all these years at a History- English Literature Major and was on the Dean's List and had done so much work at Oxford last year, sometimes staying up for days.  At Middlebury she'd get overloaded with too many plays she had agreed to do the costumes for (her minor) and with her final thesis on a medieval saint's dress and symbolism, to her Senior project cataloging, properly storing and photographing old antique clothes.  It was a hard year.  I didn't even ask her about honors at graduation, just assuming and tried to field questions from my Dad who wanted to see her on the honor roll.  Delicately explaining she told me she probably wasn't.  I actually was waiting up by the side of the stage to see her when I looked through the program, this is hours into the ceremony and there she was on the Magnum Cum Laude list!  Later I asked her, and she was like- "Oh they told me a few weeks ago", like it was no big deal.  OK, so Mom worried about her feelings.  No big deal.  Earth shattering a few weeks ago when she didn't think she would.  Playing the cool Mom is hard.

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