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Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Moments

Back to my old life in Colorado, trying to adjust, part of my heart is still in The Adirondacks, I can't wait to get back.

 The flowers were planted.  My Elisabeth doing a lot of the work and finishing it this week.  It'll look great when we get back.

TGV Shawl in progress (pattern- Friday Fantasy Knits- Dreaming of Shawlettes)

 I had a few moments to chill and relax in the cabin before my Dad arrived.  No one would know he's 84, he is constantly in motion and has "plans" for us all day long.  All week.  So I was a good sport and followed: shopping, going to the cemetery to see where my Mom and myself (someday) will be planted.  It was strangely comforting- high up on a sloping meadow beside my grandparents with the best view of the valley.  The ground is carpeted with thyme and smells lovely as you walk.  Also we visited the town dump which is just beyond and has also the best view of the valley!  No truly it does- so you're all good if you die or you need to dump your trash!.

I could of used some days (besides one) relaxing. Sigh.

My daughter graduated and I spent the night before in her room adjusting her dress to go underneath while she celebrated with her friends (shades of the past).  She's a very good seamstress having gotten a job in the Costume Department in the Theater as a Freshman and then creating a Minor out of it.  She combined that with restoration and did a senior project around antique clothing.  She's gone way beyond Mom, but she ran out of time to do her dress, making it fit better, and I shooed her off and stayed and worked on it instead of returning back to the family cabin.  It did fit perfectly.

Elisabeth- The long haired red head in the middle.

So I'm home where I'm my own master and sorting through my stuff to go back in the closet and what I need for next month to go to my Mom's memorial.  The family was kind to buy tickets for my youngest daughter Maggie and I to go.  And also we'll be there for the family camping trip up the Ausable Lakes to a Turn-of -the-Century lodge where there is no electricity (propane gas powered kitchen) and there is running water and a bath house.  We will use my Great Grandfather's canoe and my grandfather's guide boat to paddle up the lakes to get there.  All the cousins, young and old will be there, including my son down from Maine.  I've only been able to go a couple of times since I live in Colorado.

I'm working on two TGV shawls now, too curious to see how it would work up in a thin fingering yarn a friend gave to me.  More to follow tomorrow. 

And I'm trying to re-group blog-wise.  I find I'm always wordy and I wish I could streamline and simplify.  So this week I'll try to work against my natural inclination to be verbose and simplify. Yes a very good word- Simple. 

Also I need to get up and doing my blog earlier in the morning.  I have the advantage of the time change from coming back from the East.  Getting up earlier was easy since I got back, but and this is a big BUT,  I have a young teenage daughter that I knew would get out of hand staying up late with just a Dad (who goes to bed early).  He said he tried, but it seems to take me staying up and making sure she goes to bed.  So I was up to Midnight trying to corral a teenager, which seems sometimes like herding cats!  I eventually unplugged the internet.  Sigh.  Simply going to bed is easier said than done.  Last night it was 1 AM something and I wake up and she's still awake reading.  Yes, I am nice...."Please read for a few more moments and then go to bed"  I say.  I went to sleep, hoping she'd go to bed.  

Maggie's Cat

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