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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts- Designing a Chinese Wave Cowl

     I'm working on creating my own cowl design. Playing with The Chinese Waves pattern that I discovered a few weeks ago- Technique Thursday- Chinese Waves Scarf.  This pattern is very lofty, but the pattern described was for a flat knit on straight needles.   A knit and slip stitch pattern on both sides.  To achieve the same pattern on a circular needle I've modified the pattern stitch a bit to a knit on one side and then purl and slip it purl-wise and I get a great result with the wave still in the front.  I'm not sure if that's the official way to do it, but I'm pleased with it.  It has a pleasing thickness and springiness to it and I am knitting it on a large needle to give it lots of loft.  So I'm doing it up in this cheap Lion's Hometown USA (a Super Bulky Yarn) and when done I'll get some Lion's Thick & Quick Wool-ease to try it out in a slightly larger pattern to see what works best.  I'm hoping to design several of my own cowl patterns to sell by Fall.

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     I finally have my Fearless Cardigan all knit up and it's awaiting a moment for me to sew him up. He is so soft.  Looking forward to snuggling into this large and loose cardigan in chilly mornings.  Past posting on this treat of a knit: Wool & The Gang's Fearless Cardigan.

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