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Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Fantasy Knits- I Dream Of Ponchos!


As we dream of Spring here in Colorado, it actually snowed yesterday! I know Spring exists elsewhere and it will come here as well, I mean it is April right? So I've been seeing more ponchos lately (on the warmer days) and I guess they've made a comeback since the 70's. So here's a dreamy collection of (mostly) lighter ponchos to knit up for those in-between seasons. Or just look and stare and dream, I do love dreaming.

                                                               Poncho Top with Fringes

                                                       Poncho lace- an English Version

Martha Stewart 'Coming Home' Poncho (knit) by Lion Brand Yarn

Enjoy the coming of Spring- I'm celebrating seeing my first green leaves and hearing the robins- can't wait for flowers to bloom!

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